We are Not our Parents

We are Not our Parents

We are not our parents. Our children are not us. So when are we going to stop the constant conditioning that no longer works? It’s archaic to tell a child that he or she is not allowed to feel a certain way. Who do these adults think they are assuming to know the following:

  1. What emotions even are in the first place
  2. That being sensitive and emotional is the gateway to peace, love and acceptance. Don’t say that to our older generations. They will think we are talking Chinese.
  3. Why don’t the adults just tell the truth instead of shaming their children into being who the parents want. Why can they say, “You can’t be emotional because I have no idea how to fix and control that. I don’t know the first thing about feelings and it’s upsetting me.” So now we see the kids only caring about not upsetting the parents. This is codependency at it’s finest. And get this: Most adults and parents are perfectly fine splitting their children from their true gentle and kind self.
  4. Can the older generations as painful as it is stop for one second and see that the generations beneath them are expanding. They are questioning societies laws, politics, religion and the strict indoctrination. The generation of kids being born today are going at much faster vibration. When we tell a child to “do the right thing and make peace with their grandfather who will never speak the words “I am sorry” but yet was rude, short and harsh to a grand kids. By telling the child to apologize even though it wasn’t his fault is telling him to take care of other people’s feelings and is sucking their own feelings down.

We are Not Our Parents

We are Our Own Self

I say we talk to the kids today and tell them hey your grandfather probably never will say he’s sorry and guess what if you don’t want to apologize to make things right because you know it’s not your fault you don’t have to.

Is it a possibly for narcissistic and self-oriented parents to be within the Christian hypnosis in regards to parenting? Unfortunately yes it is.

As I write I have a heavy heart. It is overwhelmed with a flood emotions. I am angry, frustrated at times and heartbroken. I am less concerned though about the possible negative outcome and reactions from my readers. I would rather speak the truth.

What’s the point in writing a blog if you feel stifled and unable to attempt to leave an imprint on someone else’s opinions and thoughts without sharing my own?