types of narcassist

        Narcissists can be of several types


Types of Narcissists. There are several types of narcissists. However, the goal is the same for all of them. They seek to dominate, manipulate, and control. Narcissists often prey on people who are nice, kind, and compassionate. They may use guilt trips and other forms of manipulation to get what they want.

Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of personality disorders. It is a mental condition exhibited with people having an inflated sense of their own importance. Also a very deep need for constant attention and to be admired at all times. This leads to severely troubled and turmoil relationships. People with this diagnosis lack empathy for others.

The thing about a narcissistic is that behind the mask of arrogance and manipulation lies a person that is very insecure.

The Different Types of Narcissists and Their Abusive Tactics.

Overt Narcissism

Overt narcissism is the type most associated with narcissists. It is also known as grandiose narcissism. Overt narcissists often appear friendly and outgoing. However, they are also arrogant and overbearing. They have a sense of entitlement and need praise. They have an inflated ego and lack empathy. Overt narcissists enjoy being the center of attention. They can be demanding and expect someone to cater to their needs. They can become irate if you don’t adhere to their demands.


Covert Narcissism

Covert narcissists display behavior opposite of the overt narcissist. This type of narcissist often plays the victim role. Although they appear shy, they are quite the opposite when an extroverted personality suits their needs. Covert narcissists are quick to blame everyone else for their problems. They complain that everything is unfair.   Covert narcissists often use guilt to gain control of those around them.


The Antagonistic Narcissist

Like most other types, antagonistic narcissists are arrogant. They are likely to take advantage of others when they have the opportunity. However, this type is highly competitive. They view everything as a competition. They need to feel superior and in control of situations and people. Antagonistic narcissists are very argumentative. They may only have a few friends and often don’t get along well with relatives. They may choose partners with low self-esteem.


The Workplace or Communal Narcissist

Communal narcissists often do not appear to be narcissists at all. You can find this type of narcissist in the workplace or community settings like volunteer sports organizations, fundraising, where they can receive attention. They often seek opportunities where they are praised and admired for their tasks. People may see them as moral pillars of the community. However, the communal narcissist has an underlying inflated sense of self-importance and a desire for power.


The Malignant Narcissist


The malignant narcissist is considered the worst type. This person is very controlling and manipulative of their friends and family. They lack empathy and don’t have any compassion for others. Also they rarely feel guilt, remorse, or apologize. They are aggressive, domineering, and enjoy having power over others.

Types of Narcissists

Narcissistic abuse tears a person down over time mentally and emotionally. It lowers self-esteem and can make a person doubt their sanity. It may even lead to physical abuse. Protect yourself by keeping family and friends close so the narcissist can’t isolate you. Seek the help of support groups or consult a mental health professional.

Seek help today if you feel you are exhibiting any ot these traits. Maybe you have heard loved ones or your children try to bring it to your attention. Are you brave enough to take off your mask and take an honest assessment? Look around and see if your ego has become so fragile that you would be unkind and toxic to those you care about.

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