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Treatment for Anxiety Orlando: How To Know If You Have Anxiety:


Treatment for anxiety Orlando. Are you wondering if you have anxiety? Are you curious to know how therapists treat anxiety and related disorders? The answers to these questions are not as complex as you may think. Anxiety is a natural part of the human experience.When anxiety becomes unmanageable, it can be addressed with therapy. This is done in a way that promotes sustainable change.

How do I know if i have Anxiety?

Clients often ask therapists, “Do I have Anxiety?” To answer this question, we must first differentiate between feeling anxious and battling a clinical anxiety disorder. Anxiety is an emotional reaction. Yes It tells our bodies and minds to prepare for a potential threat. Although it is unpleasant to feel anxious, humans must experience some level of anxiety in order to avoid danger.

Treatment for Anxiety Orlando

Our experience of anxiety can become disproportional to the threat(s) that we perceive around us. For example, we can become overwhelmed with fear that someone might break into our home, despite having no information to indicate that this is likely to happen. By the same token, we can become anxious about other people’s perceptions of us, even though these reactions are outside of our control and are not an immediate threat to our wellbeing.  


Anxiety is not an illness, it is an emotional reaction to our environments. Anxiety becomes clinically significant when it impairs your daily life more days than not. In this case, a mental health professional might consider a diagnosis of a clinical anxiety disorder.


Do I need to be Diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder to Receive Therapy for Anxiety?

It is not a requirement that you need to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in order to receive treatment. Anxiety disorders come with a specific set of diagnostic criteria that may or may not align with your experience of anxiety. If anxious thoughts and feelings are impairing your daily life, therapy may be right for you. Are you experiencing anxiety, but are not sure if it is significant enough to merit treatment, pause and ask yourself if your life would benefit from you experiencing less anxiety. If the answer is yes, then seeing a therapist can assist you, It can help in acknowledging your anxiety, identifying triggers for anxiety, and implementing sustainable change to decrease anxious thoughts.


Treatment for Anxiety Orlando

Finding an effective treatment for anxiety can seem like a difficult task. There are many schools of thought on the best approach for the treatment of anxiety. Although there are a vast variety of treatments for anxiety, many of them include a combination of several different approaches.


Therapy for Anxiety Orlando

Licensed therapists train to treat a variety of mental health concerns including, but not limited to anxiety and associated disorders. Although individual therapist have specific specialties, anxiety is one of the most common presenting concerns for clients. Therapists will work to build rapport with you, They understand your specific experience of anxiety, provide relevant education on the topic of anxiety, and create a treatment plan uniquely tailored to your therapeutic goals.


When searching for a therapist to treat anxiety, it is important that you find one you will feel comfortable with. You will want  to be able to discuss your experience of anxiety. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most common treatments for anxiety. It seeks to understand the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Once we understand how these elements of our cognitive functioning impact the development and onset of anxious thoughts, we can rewire these cognitive patterns, therefore reducing the prevalence of anxious thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a structured approach to counseling that is geared towards understanding and reshaping thought patterns that are hindering clients’ ability to function to the best of their ability in their daily lives.


Interested in starting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety in Orlando? Feel free to browse the “meet the team” section of our website to gain an understanding of our therapists approach. 


Natural Treatment For Anxiety


Many clients are curious about natural remedies for anxiety. People often have vastly different understandings of what the word “natural” means. If there is a treatment for anxiety that you have found works for you that feels natural and assists you in mediating your anxious thoughts, that is wonderful. Everyone needs coping skills and self-care exercises that assist them in feeling like the best version of themselves. The process of therapy in and of itself is considered a natural treatment method by many people It involves developing self-awareness. Through self-discovery and intentional changes to our thought processes, it is possible to lessen anxiety and create sustainable change.

All of the treatments listed above have the potential to assist you in managing your anxiety and creating sustainable change. When considering what type of treatment to pursue to manage your anxiety, the most important factor is connecting with a mental health professional that you feel comfortable opening up to about your experience of anxiety.


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Written by: Hannah Mayderry, Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

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