Total Life Counseling


Total Life Counseling

Total Life Counseling and Orlando Florida. Counseling has a lot to offer an individual. There are several advantages to attending counseling. I am referring to therapy as Total Life Counseling because I believe that therapy addresses the individuals total life. It touches on mental, spiritual, emotional, balance and connection with oneself. Many have the wrong idea about therapy. Most think it is all about the mental health aspect. In order to move forward in life I feel we must learn to bring into balance all three aspects.

Total Life Counseling

Therapy comes in many forms. Individual, couples, families, and group, are performed by trained therapist that are able to help guide the individual or couple through tough spots or areas in their life. We all need help from time to time. Our best thinking can’t always save us from our own mind. Having someone not biased on the outside helps us to see all angels. Everyone has blind spots.

Total Life Counseling takes a look at your life from a 360 degree angle. We don’t just focus on one issue. Many come in for help to treat anxiety, depression and end up focusing on more than one aspect of their life. That’s because they are all connected. We have been programmed and conditioned since childhood. Everyone has their owns “personal truths”.

Total Life Counseling

Type of Therapy

  • Individual Counseling

    Here you attend therapy by yourself. Life Counseling will focus on your own individual plan to create a holistic approach to wellness. By using various therapy techniques you will discover what motivates and drives certain behaviors. Areas such as OCD, anxiety, depression, work/career, life transitions, etc are worked on.

  • Couples Therapy

    With your partner you will explore and discover new and effective ways of communicating. You will understand each other on a deeper level. Having a therapist guide you through tough areas of the relationship is hugely beneficial. Not only will you and your partners relationship grow deeper, you as an individual will grow and expand.

  • Family Therapy

    In family therapy the goal is to look at the entire system. You will discover that as a system certain behaviors have formed from basic conditioning. We will work with each member of the system to make effective changes as a group and on the individual level. Watch your family create change that will bring lasting peace and serenity to the once before chaos.

Start Now

Start counseling now. Why wait till it’s to late? Many are fearful of attending therapy because of the stereotypes. Total Life Counseling is an effective way to get your life heading in the right direction. We have trained therapist ready to work with you. Understand our approach and let’s get started today. Call us at 407-967-1327.