Tips for Positive Thinking


Tips for Positive Thinking

As humans, there is a connection between what we think, our emotions and actions. We are going to be discussing how we can alter our thoughts from a negative angle and focus them on a positive perspective. Realizing such a change isn’t something that brings immediate results. It takes time and complete determination.

As time passes, our thoughts develop an automatic way of functioning. Therefore, we need an immense amount of awareness and commitment to switch from a negative mindset to a positive one. Below we have listed and explained techniques you can implement to help you have a successful change of mindset.

5 Steps to having a successful change of mindset

1. Create a Grateful List

Start by listing out everything you are grateful for in your entire life. Now, you might not remember all of them but should have a good list at the end of the day. After you have drawn up the list, start adding to the list each day. It can be anything that you feel you should be grateful for. Maybe a situation that brought happiness, a favor or something ominous that happens to others or around you but didn’t get to you. When you start doing this, it will train your mind always to look and consider the positive aspect of your life. It will also help in training your mind to see and reflect on positive things daily. This is what the power of attention is all about—stating that we get more from what we give our attention.

2. Using the 3.1 Rule

The key to successfully achieve this key is awareness and time. Anytime you realize you are thinking negative thoughts, stop what you are doing and speak out three positive statements or things about that particular situation you were thinking about previously. The more it turns out to be specific the better your chances of overcoming such thoughts.

3. Learn to focus on what you need

Most times, the mistake we make as people with problems is talking too much about it repeatedly. What you should do is focus on the result, and channels all your thought on what you want to achieve, instead of complaining repeatedly.

4. Focus and reflect on the lesson

You should always remember that everything that happens—every problem that occurs has a lesson for us to learn. Do not dwell on the problem itself less your thought acclimatized to it. Rather, look for the lesson in that challenges and reflect on it continuously and master it practically. This will help you to think positively.

5. Change the way you talk

A little tweak to your adverb and language use, in general, can go a long way in altering our emotional response and thought perspective. For instance, if you have been using “have to” frequently, change it to “get to,” and also change your “need to” to “want to.” Let’s take the following example: “I have to go to church” in comparison with “I get to go to church.” Did you notice the drive and power behind the statements? Merely reading these two statements brings about different reactions.

Patience is the key

Training your mind to think positively is not like a walk in the park. It is something that takes time and energy for the changes to set in. And believe it, they eventually do, if only are committed to it. At Life Counseling Orlando, we can help you to rediscover the actual person that you are and restructure your mindset to think positively through the power of counseling. Call us today and let’s be of help to you.