Therapy For Eating Disorders In Orlando

Therapy For Eating Disorders In Orlando

There are several different types of therapy for eating disorders in Orlando. These mainly involve speaking with a well trained professional. The therapist’s role is to assist and help educate you in how to recognize maladaptive patterns and to face your disorder head on. With the help of a professional those suffering from an eating disorder will become much more confident and will learn ways they can effectively cope with very challenging and difficult situations.

Therapy is an effective way a person can deal with other relevant mental health problems associated with eating disorders. Some may be anxiety, substance abuse, OCD, depression. Therapy is conducted on an individual level, in a group setting, or in family therapy.

Therapy For Eating Disorders in Orlando

Types Of Therapy Utilized

There are different forms of therapy that are used to treat an eating disorder.

Family-Based Therapy (FBT)

This Approach is an evidence-based one targeting youth and young adults that are suffering from anorexia and/or bulimia nervosa. Here you see the parents play a very active role in assisting and helping their child to recover from the eating disorder. Parents will learn to take control of what their child is eating. They monitor and help them give their bodies the nutrition it needs. The goal is to get them to a healthy weight. Once they are confident the child can handle it on their own they are them able to take back control. Families work on improving effective communication. With FBT, all members meet the therapist together. Sessions are around 20 in total. Medical appointments regularly are encouraged.

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This approach to treatment helps clients to understand the direct connection between feelings and their thoughts (cognitive) as well as their actions (behaviour). CBT last on average 10 – 20 sessions. CBT is done in both individual and group settings.

CBT assist in teaching clients to recognize that certain thoughts and feelings are connected to some harmful behaviours. If clients can learn to change their thoughts, then they may be able to also change the behaviour. CBT when utilized for eating disorders helps the client to evaluate their thoughts about their current weight, their shape and their self-image. They will learn to significantly reduce negative feelings and those harmful behaviors: strict dieting, binge eating or also purging.

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

This form of treatment helps the clients to be able to recognize and solve problems in those relationships they are most close to. When interactions with others is not pleasant, it then for sure can lead to negative feelings. Feelings that are stifled or misdirected can lead to the symptoms we see accounted with eating disorders. Interpersonal Therapy helps assist people in building strong and healthy relationships. The more they communicate in a healthier way the less desire to act out on their eating disorder.

Therapy For Eating Disorders in Orlando

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As you can see there are several different types of therapies to help those suffering from an eating disorder. If you would like to know the best approach for yourself or a loved one then contact a mental health professional. At High Expectations Counseling we have the staff to support you and sis you in your recovery. Call today at 407-967-1327 and let’s get started.