Therapy For Children Orlando


Therapy For Children Orlando

Therapy for Children Orlando and when to respond to the need. When you are a concerned parent you care deeply about your child’s wellbeing. Your first instinct may be to ask you close family members their advice. They may tell you to relax and that your child will grow out of it. Although this may be correct for some cases, it is not always the best course of action. Trust your parental instincts.

Therapy For Children Orlando

Taking Action

The following are times when you should not wait but rather step into action to help assist your child and get them the therapy they need.

Eating disorders

If you see your child’s eating behaviors drastically change you should see this as a warning sign. They may be under immense stress or they may be starting to develop an eating disorder. There is so much pressure on our children and teens today. Don’t wait long to respond.

Family history of Mental Illness

If there is a history of mental illness that runs in your family, stay alert that the chances are increased it could pass on to you child. (Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, etc). Act promptly if you see clear warning signs.


If you see that your child is wearing long sleeves or trying to cover up areas of their body they may be hurting themselves. This is a way that your child or teen may be dealing with anxiety and feelings of self image. Learn as much as you can (what to do if your child is cutting.)

Therapy For Children Orlando

When Should You Wait?

Many times life changes or events will cause your child to act out or change their behaviors.

  • Stress of moving
  • Divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • Peer Pressure at school

These are all major life changes that kids need time to adjust to. Many will adjust after a short period of time but that does not mean as a parent you should ignore any signs that your child is suffering and needs help. Communication is key.

Understand your child’s Behavioral Issues

Is your child’s behavior becoming a chronic problem in school? Is their behavior disruptive at home as well? Conduct Disorder is a display of an explosive temper and anger. Many times this behavior is an offspring or reaction to frustration, anxiety, learning disabilities or witnessing abuse in the home.

Therapy is highly effective and can help assist both your child and your family get the help they need. If your child is out of control they need professional help. Therapy that is centered around your child’s needs must be tailor fit to their particular situation.

Therapy For Children Orlando

Seek the help you need today. Be a proactive parent and get ahead of the problem before it gets out of hand. Our children and teens today live under so much pressure. Help them out by offering solutions. Give them the gift of talking to a therapist. Someone they can trust and talk openly with.