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The Wondrous Benefits of Reiki Orlando


The wondrous benefits of Reiki Orlando. Created by the holistic healers of early 20th-century Japan and embraced by Western practitioners a short time later, Reiki has proven itself to be an effective and reliable method for dealing with many of the human body’s ailments. As such, there are multiple benefits to the healing power of Reiki including the following:


It is inexhaustible

The essence of Reiki – it translates as “mysterious essence”. It is understanding the energy or qi that surrounds all living things”. Anyone can harness this energy with some practice and luck but a third-degree Reiki master can do so at will. This allows them to send the healing effects of Reiki into anyone’s body.


It is Intelligent

Many critics of Reiki point out that the healers do not always place their hands in the same place but still claim the same healing effect on a particular organ or ailment. The answer lies in the fact that the Reiki, itself, is intelligent and will naturally migrate to the affected areas for the maximum healing effect.


It is Holistic

The practice of Reiki should not be conceptualized in the same way as traditional Western medicine. Western doctors look for symptoms and aim to correct those specific problems. Reiki masters understand that the human body is a whole and must be treated as such. Reiki always looks to balance the entire body and its processes; not just one of its subsystems.


It is Energizing

One of the more remarkable aspects of Reiki is its energizing effect on healthy tissue. In other words, if the qi is not healing it is invigorating the entire body. This process not only affects the physical part of the body but also the mental and emotional ones as well.


Reiki Works

As you can see, the use of Reiki can have a significantly beneficial effect on the human body and its psyche. While its use is most effective in the hands of a third-level master, it can also have a measurable effect when practiced by amateurs.

The Wondrous Benefits of Reiki Orlando

At High Expectations we have our very own Reiki master. Georgia Vernon is highly trained and understands how to move stagnant and stored energy through the body. Thus creating healing. Reiki is a wonderful stand alone therapy or goes well with the work you’re doing with your therapist to speed up the process of healing. Give it a try today, call us at 407-967-1327.