Telephone Counseling and How Does it Work?


Telephone Counseling and How Does it Work?

Telephone Counseling is gaining speed and popularity. The days of traditional therapy that is conducted in an office are starting to have steep competition. Today more and more people are using telephone counseling as a way to reach out for help. It provides the same levels of support as well as confidentiality as meeting face to face. Who would have thought. More and more people are realizing that the stigma of therapy is ridiculous. Every and anyone can utilize therapy to assist in clarifying goals, working through stressful or tough times in your life. There does not have to be a major catastrophe in your life for you to seek therapy. Internet counseling and telephone counseling are popular today.

Telephone Counseling and The Advantages


It is hard to get in right away with a therapist and to coordinate your work schedule around the therapist schedule if your seeking help now. This is especially true if your seeking an evening or late night session. Telephone counseling offers you much more flexibility to schedule around your time. You want to be relaxed and not racing from work to therapy.


Telephone counseling is significantly less expensive. You are not covering overhead cost and face to face time with me is at least a minimum of 1.5 hours. Telephone therapy sessions run an average of 45 min. I have found this to be an ample amount of time when working with clients on the phone. Please see my fees.


Therapy in session face to face is already anonymous and due to HIPPA your privacy is protected. Telephone Counseling makes it even that much more private. Telephone counselling offers clients an even higher level of privacy.


Telephone counseling can be conducted wherever you feel most comfortable. For many of my clients that are struggling with work related issues, they find sitting in their car or a park bench during their lunch hour to be the best time for them. We are able to discuss on the spot what is occurring at work. Identify false thinking, anxiety or fear that the client may be struggling with.

Telephone counseling also benefits those:

  • Housebound or are disabled and cannot physically attend session.
  • Individuals with careers who cannot take off time from work.
  • Parents that are struggling financially and cannot afford childcare to cover the time they need to attend session.
  • Those individuals that travel a lot. Individuals that are unable due to their travel schedule to set and commit to face to face sessions.
  • People who live far away from a therapist’s office.

Telephone Counseling Makes Sense

Telephone Counseling

Bottom line is that telephone counseling makes sense. There are many people who just do not feel comfortable attending face to face sessions. If this seems like you, then give telephone counseling a try. We can work out an arrangement that works financially to assist you. If coming into therapy for a face to face once a month with telephone sessions combined works, then great. You will find that online and telephone counseling is a huge source of help.

Call today and let’s have our first session on the phone. Try it out for free. I can guarantee you that you will instantly feel supported and comfortable that you have made the right decision.