Teens and Self Esteem Orlando

Teens and Self Esteem Orlando. Finding a way to increase their joy and happiness. If we can help out as adults to assist in helping our teens and self esteem wouldn’t we go to the end of the earth? I do not think placing an emphasis on body image is the route to take. However I do think that there is a way that we can make it easier for our teens in ways that set them up for success. Like it or not, this world can be cruel and cold to our teens and children.

Teens and Self Esteem Orlando

How Braces Can Boost Them Up

We often think of braces as a thing that can be hard on a teen’s self-esteem, but it is necessary for long-term oral health. Furthermore, braces can actually be good for your teenager’s self-esteem. Let’s take a few minutes to consider how braces can help your teen feel better about themselves.

1-Decreased Teasing About Their Teeth

Braces can decrease the amount of teasing your teen receives. There are types of braces now that are not as visible, so they won’t be teased about having braces. And with their teeth becoming straight and more within idealized norms, they won’t be teased about having bad teeth.

2-Decreased Chance of Dental Problems

Braces decrease the chance of serious dental problems and their related health issues. Gum disease, cavities, and oral infections can have serious health implications for the entire body. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and white, with the accompanying health benefits and better breath.

Teens and Self Esteem Orlando

3-More Comfortable Smiling

Teens with crooked teeth often don’t smile due to feeling self-conscious. As their teeth straighten, and they know that there is constant improvement, they will feel comfortable smiling more often. Other people respond positively to teens who smile more. These positive responses will help your teen feel more supported by and connected to others, and feel better about themselves with that connection

4-Boosts Confidence

Smiling more, and being responded to positively, helps your teen feel more confident. They will act confidently, which garners more positive responses in a helpful feedback loop.

5-Feel Hopeful About the Future

Your teen will look forward to an improved future with their healthier and more socially acceptable appearance. They will have tangible evidence that there is an improvement to look forward to. Depression, isolation and avoidance of others can be lifted.

6-Sense of Control and Responsibility

Involve your teen in the decision to get braces; have them speak with the orthodontist and give them choices between which they can choose. Explain to them how care of their braces and following their treatment regime are their responsibility. Being able to make real choices about their lives is a great advantage to an increasingly mature teen.

Orthodontists help teens make healthy oral care choices. This can improve their long-term self-esteem and quality of life. If you or your teen wonder whether braces would help talk to your dentist or orthodontist.

Teens and Self Esteem Orlando

Help your teen today and give them a hand up. Contact us today if you think your teen is suffering from depression, poor body image, isolation and/or anxiety. Let’s not let them suffer if we have the ability to help them out. Call now for a free 30 minute phone consultation. Understand my approach and let’s set teens up for success.