Talking to Children About Sexual Abuse


Talking to Children About Sexual Abuse

Single parenting in Orlando is not an easy job all the time. Being a parent is a tough job that is demanding physically, emotionally, and mentally. It can often be tougher when you’re a single parent. Without a partner to assist you it feels overwhelming at times.

Single parenting in Orlando can be very demanding considering the fast pace in which children are being conditioned at such young ages. With so much access to the outside world and an increase in internet use, sexual abuse is a real fear for many parents. As much as parents would like to be there for their children all the time, it is simply not possible, and this is where the need to teach children how to stand up for themselves come in to play.

The threat of children facing sexual abuse should not go unspoken in the homes. Our local community, teachers, parents, schools, etc need to properly educate our children and better prepare them as to what to look out for and how to hopefully prevent sexual abuse.


The following are suggestions and tips not just for single parenting in Orlando but also for all parents in general.

  • 1. Keep your emotions regulated

    As a single parent, it is hard enough doing all the child raising. If you suspect your child may have been sexually abused, try to not panic. Your child will quickly pick up on this energy and become just as panicky. Your first reaction should be making sure that your child feels secure telling you about it. Be calm, build trust and make your child understand that his/her body is priceless and should be treated so. Once your child feels comfortable, you can then take any other necessary steps to put an end to the abuse.

  • 2. Call body parts by their real names

    You owe it to your children to make them understand that there is nothing to be ashamed about calling private parts by their real names. Do not give kid names to the penis. When you use the proper names the child does not feel shame. It is as normal as talking about your elbow. This encourages your child to talk about any abuse or unwarranted touches they might be getting. Help them To understand that their private parts are private and only for them to touch. They must also not touch other people’s private parts.

  • 3. Let them understand that self exploration is their right and theirs only

    Your child should be taught that they will not be shamed if they touch themselves. So many children have been taught that it is bad or wrong to explore their sexuality. If they do not themselves then who will? Teach them that this is their private space and that they and only they are allowed to touch it. Immediately tell a parent or trusted person if your feeling strange or if someone is pressuring you.

  • 4. Be on your child’s side. Don’t assume they are making it up.

    No matter what, do not give your kids the impression that you do not believe them when they talk about sexual abuse. Give them your listening ears, let them know you believe them and you will help them get through it. If your child makes a bad choice, don’t call him/her a bad child. Simply let him/her know what they have done is not the best choice but they can make better choices in future. Creating an open line of communication is one of the ways to achieve successful single parenting in Orlando.

Help For Single Parenting In Orlando

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