Substance Abuse Treatment Orlando


Substance Abuse Treatment Orlando

Substance abuse treatment Orlando and caring for our loved ones. Caring for a loved one that has a drug or alcohol issue can be complicated and very devastating. There is not only the issue of addiction but the mental health issues as well. More often than not, people start abusing substances to cope with different symptoms or simply just fall into a bad habit out of bad social influences.

Another reason for addiction comes from treating depression, anxiety, bipolar and other mental health disorders. Many people have co occurring disorders. This when both a mental health issue is prevalent with the addiction. Substance abuse treatment Orlando aims to work with the entire family. No matter the reason, part of your duties as a loved one is to try your best to support them. Support does not come in the form of enabling.

Substance Abuse Treatment Orlando

Supporting A Loved One with Substance Abuse

Here are a few tips to assist you in supporting a loved one suffering from substance abuse.

  1. Ensure constant communication

    You should always try to get the addict to talk about what they are going through. You should try not to be judgemental and share your own stories too. Do not play the blame game or be on the offensive. If there is a breakdown in communication, they may feel isolated and the situation gets worse. You should also consider going with them to substance abuse treatment Orlando to allow a profession therapist to lead the conversation effectively.

  2. Be patient with them

    When a substance abuser is in the recovery phase, they may not be open to your support or other means of assistance such as substance abuse treatment Orlando. If you are trying to support them in your own way and they are reluctant or flat out refusing your help, you need to try to be patient with them. They may not be ready at that time to do what they must do to get sober. This can change in time. Be supportive and whenever they are ready to open up, be there for them.

  3. Don’t forget that relapse is a part of recovery

    It is imperative to understand that most substance abusers use drugs several times even after making the decision to stop. If your loved one relapses you should not be discouraged or begin to focus on the failure. Try to help them find ways to deal with their issues safely and permanently. Narcotics Anonymous Is a 12 step program for addicts.

Be supportive but know that your loved one needs to seek professional help. There are several drug treatment programs in Orlando. Let the professional drug counselors do their job. Pay attention to your own well being.

Substance Abuse Treatment Orlando

Caring and supporting a loved one who has an addiction takes its toll on you and your health. You should make sure you take breaks to rejuvenate both mentally and emotionally. As often as you can, take some time to do something for yourself like a movie night or go hang out with your friends. You should also try to maintain a support system (Alanon) for yourself so that you can also get help and support whenever you need it too.

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