Social Anxiety Orlando FL


Social Anxiety Orlando FL

Social anxiety disorder Orlando FL is commonly treated by using antidepressants. However this is not necessarily the most effective way. Studies reveal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or (CBT) can be more beneficial and longer lasting for those suffering from social anxiety.

Social Anxiety Orlando FL is said to affect about 1 in 8 people. This is much more than just being a shy person. It is a condition that can lead a person to be significantly impacted in their day to day living and quality of life.

Social anxiety disorder is also referred to as social phobia. It is a serious mental health condition. It is the intense and persistent fear that one is being watched and is judged by other people. It affects: School, work, relationships and day to day common activities. It can effect making and maintaining friendships very difficult.

It does not have to keep you crippled from enjoying life. Therapy does and can help you to live a full and productive life.

Social Anxiety Orlando FL

Signs And Symptoms

  • Blushing sweating, trembling
  • Rapid and increased heart rate
  • The feeling that your mind has gone blank
  • Feeling sick with stomach aches
  • Little to no eye contact
  • Very rigid or stiff body posture
  • Speaking in a very soft or low tone
  • Constantly self consciousness
  • Feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment
  • Fear of others judging them
  • Isolation from other people

Causes of Social Anxiety Orlando FL

Social anxiety disorder can often run in families as a common trait. Still no one knows exactly why one member may have it while another does not. Research reveals that there are parts of the human brain that affect fear and anxiety. The misreading of others intentions play a role. The stories one makes up about another are often personalized and lead to extreme anxiety. A person’s underdeveloped social skills also contribute to anxiety and fear. A person may be discouraged after interaction with another person and find themselves worrying extensively. Research is learning more about how the brain works, new ways of treatment and help her on the way. Research is looking also at how stress and the environment around a person plays into contributing factors.

Psychotherapy and Treating Social Anxiety Orlando FL

CBT Therapy is highly effective when dealing with Social Anxiety Orlando FL. This form of therapy helps to each clients various ways of thinking, reacting and behaving to certain situations in order to decrease anxiety and learn effective ways to decrease fear. It is highly effective in developing the much needed social skills a person needs to live a full and productive life. To learn more visit

Social Anxiety Orlando FL

Seek Help Today

If you feel that you suffer from social anxiety, seek the help that you need today. Don’t put off what you can get done today. Learn to live a life free of fear of what others think. Learn to personalize less and enjoy a fulfilling life. Understanding my approach can help you to make the decision to take control of the situation. Understand the many benefits that therapy can provide.

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