Signs Your Emotionally Needy

4 Signs You Are Emotionally Needy

Signs you’re emotionally needy. Emotionally needy people don’t only need attention from the person they are dating. If you’re emotionally needy, you probably find that you want attention from everyone all the time. Here are four signs that you’re an emotionally needy person.



  1. You text non-stop all day


If you text all day long, with one person or multiple people, you might be emotionally needy. You probably have a job, chores, and a family that needs your time. However if you’re emotionally needy, your priority will still be to connect with people in any way you can. 

You might feel anxious or lonely if you don’t hear from people immediately. If you are dating someone and need their constant attention, this may be the downfall of your relationship. 

Not many people have time to text all day or want to. If you find that you’re spending your time texting, especially at times when other things require your attention more, this is a sign that you’re emotionally needy.

Signs Your Emotionally Needy

Signs Your Emotionally Needy 

  1. You stalk social media sites


If you’re emotionally needy, you might find yourself stalking the social media pages of the person you’re dating. You’ll want to know when they were last on, what they are doing, and who else they might be talking to. 

You might not understand why they can do other things and haven’t replied to the text you sent fifteen minutes ago. It’s important to understand that as special as you are, you can’t be the center of someone’s world to the point where they drop everything else in their life to attend to your needs. 

If you find that you’re obsessed with the whereabouts of your partner, you are probably needy and need to find things to fill your life with.


  1. You make grandiose gestures


If you tend to do big things for the person you’re dating, you might be emotionally needy. You might think that by doing big things your partner will want to spend more time with you. 

If you buy gifts in hopes it will make the person you’re dating want to spend more time with you or like you more, you are acting in a way that makes you appear insecure. You don’t have to buy your way into someone’s heart or schedule. 

If someone only spends time with you because you are buying them things, their intentions are as questionable as yours are. Attempting to manipulate someone by making huge gestures is a sign of emotional neediness.

If this sounds like you then it’s important you start to understand what it means to be codependent

Signs Your Emotionally Needy 

  1. You need constant attention to feel worthy


If you aren’t getting the attention of the person you’re dating every thirty minutes, do you begin to feel as though there is something wrong with you? 

Do you feel insecure when you’re not getting constant attention from the person you’re dating? You cannot rely on someone else to make you feel special. You have to know you’re special, smart, kind, and lovable, without being told that by others. 

Being in a relationship should make you feel good, but it shouldn’t be all that makes you feel good. You have to be able to have your own life outside of the relationship and so does the person you’re dating. 

It’s unreasonable to expect that you’re going to be the center of their life and set everything and everyone aside so that you know you are important. The best types of relationships are those where each partner has autonomy. You each have separate interest and lives yet also can come back together.


 Are Your Emotionally Needy? Get Help Today

Being emotionally needy can cause the person you’re dating to distance themselves from you or stop dating you altogether. Stop seeking validation from others and start learning to love and accept yourself.

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