Signs Your Depressed


Signs Your Depressed

Signs you’re depressed may be all around you but you don’t see it. Depression can affect millions of people. It is referred to as the common flu of mental illness. Reports show us that at any given time depression affects over 18 million people. It is real and when your in the grips, it leaves you feeling debilitated. Sadly many are totally unaware of it and just simply do not want to recognize it as a possibility. Ignoring and denying depression are not helpful and are not cures.

Signs You’re Depressed

Top 7 Indicators

1. Overconfident and appear fearless

Many individuals overcompensate their feelings of depression by acting in the exact opposite way. They are fearful for others to think of them as depressed so they swing their emotions to the other side and act fearless. When someone is feeling down they want to overcompensate and become overconfident. The reason for this behavior is because the person feels like they are loosing control.

2. You went from having just one drink to now three before dinner has even started.

Alcohol is most commonly used to self medicate a persons emotional pain. But by the time you seek help for your depression you will have the alcohol addiction to now wrestle with.

Signs You're Depressed

3. Simple disagreements become major conflicts that escalate into fighting quickly.

Often times many try to conceal the fact they are depressed. Instead they find themselves becoming extremely aggressive and angry. You don’t want anyone to know you are a fool. Simple disagreements send you through the roof.

4. You don’t feel anything.

Instead of allowing yourself to be sad you just decide to not feel at all. Your stuck in the neutral zone of life. You become zombie like which only creates tremendous amounts of anxiety, fear and more isolation.

5. You won’t and cannot stop socializing.

In an attempt to not have to sit with your feelings you become the life of the party. Keeping a full social calendar year round is a must. You won’t make real connections to people. You will feel alone and left out.

6. Concentration is gone.

We all suffer at times with scattered thoughts here and there. No that does not mean your suddenly ADD or ADHD. Your so worried about how others will perceive you and if they will be able to tell that your depressed. Your energy is dispersed into a thousand different directions.

7. You work much harder but not smarter.

Depressed individuals have a hard time seeing a solution to their problems. They tend to do just more of the same thing. Trying to work harder to happiness, spend money to happiness, etc. It may be time you get off the hamster wheel and address the root cause for the depression.

If you can identify with any of the top behaviors, it may be time to look at what is holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. Depression does not own you and does not have to be with you the rest of your life. Seek counseling for depression now.

Signs You’re Depressed

What To Do About It

  • Get real and admit that you need help. Your best thinking is not working.
  • Realize that people are not really thinking about you that much. People are mainly focused on themselves.
  • The longer you wait to treat depression the more miserable you are and the ones who love you. (family, children)
  • Stop thinking therapy is the last resort. It should be your first go to. Working with a therapist can help you to immediately find relief. You will see that you are not a prisoner of depression.

Call today and let’s start the healing process. You deserve to live a life of peace and joy.