Signs of Depression


Signs of Depression

Signs of depression and what are they? Everyone feels down from time to time. That is a normal part of everyday life. It is when strong emotions such as hopelessness, despair, worthlessness, etc grab hold of us and will not let go that we may be faced with depression. Depression will make it hard to function day to day. Things you once found pleasure in you no longer do.

There is a solution though. No matter how bad it gets. There is always help. We need to get to the root cause of the depression. You can identify the symptoms all day long but what good does that do if you cannot identify the why?

Signs of Depression

What is depression?

Signs of Depression

Depression is a very common mood disorder. It affects how a person thinks, acts, feels and is able to function. Your career, homelife, personal relationships, etc are all affected. You feel that in the depths of depression you can no longer seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Doom, anger, restlessness, inability to sleep and eat may haunt you daily. If depression is left untreated it can become a very serious health issue.

There are several ways to approach depression and seek the therapy and help you need to gain back your life.

Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression

Top 5

Eating More or Less than Usual

Depression will leave you feeling withdrawn and isolated. Loss or gain of appetite is common. The brain is only focused on negative thoughts so you forget to eat or eat too much.

Increased or Decreased Sleep

Some depressed people find they have a hard time sleeping or staying awake. There is a significant dive in energy. It leaves you feeling tired and worn out. Some are restless and insomnia haunts them. It is hard to turn off the brain. The body’s own internal clock is not able to regulate itself.

The Small Things Irritate and Agitate You

This one can be sneaky and hard to detect. You find yourself very irritable all the time. Things tend to get under your skin. Feelings of crankiness, grumpy and irritation rule your everyday life. You find that you have a short fuse and things that never upset you before set you off instantly.

You Lack Focus and Concentration

Are you dropping the ball on very basic things. Forgetting to pay your bills, pick your kids up at a play date? Things seems like a haze or heavy fog. Your brain in on overload. Your memory is compromised.

You don’t enjoy the things that once made you happy

Remember when you were the first one to head out to happy hour with your friends? Now you find that your dodging people and heading home to isolate. You just cant find the energy or desire to do the things you once loved to do. This is a clear indicator of depression. Loss of interest in hobbies, activities you once enjoyed etc, are no longer filling you up with happiness.

Signs of Depression

Where to Turn For Help

It may not be easy to reach out and ask for help. What are the alternatives. I always suggest that a client faced with depression reach out and seek first medical clearance. Once medical is ruled out then we know that it is a psychological issue and that therapy along with an antidepressant is know to have wonderful results.

Not everyone needs to take medication. I am the first one to tell clients to be cautious. However there is a lot of research that shows therapy for depression and an antidepressant will increase your chances significantly to remove depression.

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