Services for Counseling In Orlando

Services for Counseling In Orlando

Are you looking for therapy but have no idea where to start looking? Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed admitting to yourself or another that you may need help?If this is the case then your not alone.

I receive calls all the time from individuals and couples seeking to gain information about how the therapeutic process works. They want to know what exactly is the process for counseling and therapy in Orlando. The following article is a step by step guide to help explain this process from start to finish. This is my personal approach to helping clients or potential clients who reach out to me for assistance and therapy.

Services for Counseling In Orlando

1. The initial call​

At this stage you may be reaching out for the first time. You have called several different places and left messages. I will admit that therapist are not know for their prompt return with calls. I make it a point to get back to my potential clients the day they leave a message. I understand the important and the urgency in which they are calling.

2. Discussion ofthe services for counseling in Orlando.

At this stage I am able to screen the client to see their level of commitment to seeking help. We discuss the different types of services available for them: Individual, couples, family, teens, children, spiritual, life coaching, etc. if they like what they hear and I also feel they are a good match to my style, they can then decide if booking a session with me is something they want to go ahead and do. This is usually done online at my site.

3. The First session

Once the client has set up the first session they are emailed an intake packet which then allows them the ability to save 10 minutes of their scheduled therapy session. This packet discusses HIPPA, payment and authorizes me to work with the client under the Florida Laws of Mental Health Practice. Once this is completed session may begin. At this first session I am digging right in to understand the concerns and areas which have brought you to therapy. I always recommend that the first session at least be a full 90 minutes. You will leave the session having done much more than just tell your story.

4. Follow up session​

Depending on the severity or importance of the work your doing in therapy will determine the frequency and duration of counseling. I never anticipate keeping a client any longer than 3-6 months. You will bring tremendous awareness and insight into your areas that were once blocked. You will feel relief and the confidence to make solid and sound decisions for yourself. Once a week for the first few months is usually my recommendation. After that spreading sessions out to every other week or once monthly is commonly recommended.

5. In between therapy sessions

I always tell my clients that the real work occurs between the sessions. This is the time for my clients to practice what has been discussed in therapy. This may be a homework assignment worksheet, videos online to watch, audio clips to listen to, etc. I tell my clients that I am always available should they feel stuck or need to reach out for any reason.

Services for Counseling In Orlando

It’s your turn now to decide if you like what you have read. There are tremendous gains to attending therapy. The benefits are countless: (overall increased positive mood, decreased stress and depression, improved relationships, increased ability to have healthy life skills, decreased anger and frustrations, a sense of inner peace and stillness).

Call today 407-967-1327 and let’s start the healing process. Get ready for your life to transform and become amazing.

Find a therapist Orlando

So how do you go about the process to find a therapist Orlando? Many are overwhelmed at this often daunting task. It is important that my potential clients know the following about me and my approach to counseling. The following outlines the different styles and ways in which I communicate and conduct therapy.

  1. All clients have the ability to schedule a free 30 minute phone session with me. By doing this they are able to fully understand my style and see if it is a good match before committing to counseling. It’s a disservice to my clients to not give them the time before meeting to talk and answer any questions or concerns they may have.
  2. Each client has the choice between a 60 min or 90 min session. This helps those who may need a more affordable option. While I always suggest clients at least start with the 90 min option, the hour long one may be a better fit for those on a budget.
  3. My approach is direct and to the point. I utilize several different styles: cognitive behavioral therapy, systems, narrative therapy, and client directed counseling. These are a few of the many different approaches I use to reach my clients. Each person seeking therapy needs their own personal approach that works for them.
  4. I am not interested in symptom management therapy. There are plenty of therapist to do that work. I aim to create with you a total transformation and integration of a higher more awakened self.

Find a therapist Orlando

It’s time you break away from the mold and stigma that therapy is only for those with serious problems. More and more are coming to the realization that therapy is constructive and life changing. Be informed by the therapist you choose. Make sure you feel your a good match and that your comfortable doing the work involved. You won’t regret taking this much needed step in your life. Call today 407-967-1327.