self forgiveness


Why You Should Let Yourself Off the Hook

Self forgiveness: Why you should let yourself off the hook. Constant guilt because your unable to forgive yourself can lead to all sorts of painful feelings. Some of which are anxiety, shame, guilt, resentment, anger and many more. People often hold themselves hostage to their mistakes. We are our own worst enemy.All we do is beat ourselves up for things that happened in the past. We project fear into the future and think that we are just going to repeat these things from our past.

The sad thing is that we often do call in or manifest that which we fear. This is basic law of attraction. We keep playing these narratives out from childhood thinking we are not good enough, we should be better, no one really likes us. We think we are unlovable best side of something that happened in the past.

The past is in the past. What you can do is evaluate your past and use it as the teacher pointing you in the direction in which you want to improve the person you are.

The truth is that the dark and white wolf live in all of us. It’s which one you feed that determines the quality of your life, the ability to love yourself and others.

I will tell you this, how would we know the white wolf if we didn’t have the dark one. We must learn from our mistakes or lessons. Stop seeing everything as good or bad. See it as “I am human and I did something that went against my true self. But I am a work in progress and love who I am becoming.”l

If you can’t forgive yourself how in the world will you ever have compassion to forgive another. If you’d constantly hard on yourself then you will be hard on others. A persons inner state of being reflects outwards.

Self-Forgiveness: Cut yourself a break. Stop taking yourself so serious.

Your mistakes help you develop

Perhaps you imagine your successes shape you, but it’s more likely your mistakes play a big part in your character building and wisdom. You understand life better because of your mishaps, failures or perceived errors. When you forgive yourself then you can empathize with them.

Maybe you fantasize about being perfect. You were the perfectionist your entire life. How tight that Must be and stressful. To think that there is one perfect way of doing any one thing. Nonetheless, an error-free life would make learning boring. You gain wisdom faster when you screw up than you could by reading about other people’s errors. Personal experience makes you insightful and adds to your value. Bottom line it’s inevitable. If you ever plan on being successful you better get used to making a lot of mistakes.

Self-Forgiveness: Mistakes are essential

If you blundered in the past, you’re in good company. Author Steven King faced rejection 30 times before a publisher accepted “Carrie,” a now-famous movie and book. Even Elvis Presley’s first manager insisted he “couldn’t sing” and told him to continue with his truck-driving job before he gained fame as an actor and singer. These famous folks’ attempts to shine looked like mistakes but were stepping stones to success. They had the heart and determination to continue despite what others said about them. They spirit was stronger than the outside world and the harsh judgement of others.

Your mistakes might not make you a star, but they are part of your journey to greater wisdom, skills, and valuable know-how, and will help you succeed. You will be one immune to others critical talk. You will trust your self to learn quickly from mistakes and no longer self sabotage.

Imperfection is uncomfortable, yet it’s also normal. Your mistakes increase personal growth. Life itself requires you to make them. A blunder-less existence could save you from embarrassment and make life seem simple, but without your mistakes, you won’t respect be able to feel the sense of pride in your accomplishments. Others will pass you by. You may live comfortably but what kind of life is that?

Forgiveness boosts love

Letting love in and opening your heart is hard until you practice self-forgiveness. Self-love isn’t gratuitous. Being kind to yourself helps you offer kindness to other people, too. You may feel unworthy of love and forgo developing close relationships. Forgiving yourself will free you to love without fearing making mistakes that lead to blame and disgrace. You won’t care if others live you back. Love just simply loves.

When you can’t forgive yourself you are left with feelings of shame, embarrassment, and guilt. Life will be a lot easier if you replace them with forgiveness. Remember, your mistakes aren’t mistakes in the grand scheme of things. Learn from them, grow wise, and let yourself off the hook.

Seek Help For Learning Forgiveness.

If your struggling with seeking the help you need to let go of your past then maybe it’s time to seek professional help. At High Expectations Counseling we have a ride range of therapist that are