Relationship Therapy Orlando

Relationship Therapy Orlando

Relationship Therapy Orlando and what really goes on between couples. How can relationship therapy Orlando help you and your partner?

Even couples in healthy relationships experience conflict and dissatisfaction. There are going to be ups and downs. It is how you resolve theses conflicts that really matter. Not the fact so much that they occur. Conflict is a matter of two people believing that their way of seeing and doing things is the right way. It is this black and white thinking that gets a couple stuck in a rut.

If both of you are willing to listen and learn to communicate effectively then you can start to gain the awareness about yourself. Both as an individual and as a couple. The need to be right will no longer exist. You will start to see that everyone has had their own conditioning and sees situations differently. With 8 billion people in this world there are 8 billion right ways to see a situation. We cannot say they are wrong. To that individual it is right.

Relationship Therapy Orlando

Ways to Improve Your Relationship

There are things you can do to improve your relationship. Learn about 5 ways to increase your satisfaction with your relationship and/or marriage. Relationship Therapy Orlando is very beneficial.

Remember to Show Affection

Physical affection can improve your relationship. A 2003 study in the American Journal of Family Therapy found that couples feel more loved and understood when given physical affection. The study also found that various forms of physical affection, including back rubs, cuddling, kissing, and hugging were associated with increased relationship satisfaction. Remember to show some affection; it could work wonders for your marriage!

Split the Chores Fairly

In more traditional families, women completed most of the household chores. This can lead to unhappiness. Researchers for a 2003 edition of the Journal of Family Issues found that an unequal division of household chores was linked to marital and/or relationship dissatisfaction.

Increase your own satisfaction and happiness by ensuring that each of you contributes equally to housework. In 2007, a study in the American Journal of Public Health found that wives were more satisfied with their marriages when husbands were more involved with the housework.

Learn to get into a rhythm that works for you both. Don’t just make the assumption that the other person has things under control. Show love by helping out as a team.

Get Your Finances in Order

Finances are an important part of relationship satisfaction. The results of a 2000 study in the journal Financial Counseling and Planning found that financial factors predict 15% of relationship satisfaction. Couples with greater debt are more likely to divorce, according to a 2011 edition of the Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Fortunately, getting your finances in order can improve your relationship and decrease your risk of divorce. Researchers for a 2007 edition of the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal found that those with a high level of financial satisfaction were less likely to consider divorce.

Protect your marriage by creating a budget and committing to shared financial goals. Life does happen and things are always changing. It is not unusual for a couples financial expectations to change as well. The problem is that they go unspoken and assumptions are made. This leads to anger and frustration between the couple. Do not forget to check in with each other and make sure that you both are in sync.

Relationship Therapy Orlando

Make Time for Exercise

Exercise can improve your body image, and in turn, your relationship satisfaction. A 2006 study in Psychology and Health found that exercise was linked to a more positive body image. This is important. Researchers for a 2010 edition of the Journal of Family Psychology found that women who perceived themselves to be more sexually attractive were more satisfied with their relationship. Their husbands were more satisfied as well.

Get into a healthy routine with your partner and learn to live a more healthy stress free life. Couples that enjoy hiking, biking, going to the gym, etc feel connected and can create a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Unless your both alright with an open relationship, cheating is the number one deal breaker. When a person cheats in a committed relationship the trust is broken. Repair is extremely hard. Do both a favor and simply tell the other before you cheat that your not happy in the relationship. Don’t you think you both deserve that much?

Have respect for yourself. Demand loyalty and faithfulness. Is it impossible to repair the relationship after cheating has occurred? No. It won’t be easy though. I would highly suggest relationship or marriage counseling. This is of course if you want the relationship to continue.

Relationship Therapy Orlando

There is help for marriage problems available. Seek counseling today and start to implement these above listed strategies. Be human enough to admit that your not always right. That you could use a therapist to help guide you not how through. There are countless benefits to therapy.

Couples can receive individual and marriage counseling together. Give it a try. What do you have to lose? Understand my approach and see how lasting change can happen. Help for marriage problems is only a phone call away.

Marriage Problems Orlando


How can relationship therapy Orlando help a couple facing hard times? Therapy opens up a new dialogue of understanding and communication. One that did not exist before. As your therapist, my approach is unique. It is not important to seek to find who is the one that needs the most work. I am listening for reactions and responses to each others behaviors and thought patterns. I ask questions related to why a person is affected by the others response or opinion about a topic. Work will be most effective when your in individual therapy.

You may be individually suffering from issues related to anxiety, depression, past trauma, trust from childhood or past relationships. We bring these problems into new relationships. Problems must be resolved or they will continue over and over again. Seek relationship therapy and get the help you both need today.

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