Relationship Counseling Orlando


Relationship Counseling Orlando

Relationship Counseling Orlando and what are the signs we need help? Most of us really buy into the fairy tale at the time of marriage. You meet that special someone and have a wonderful courtship. You both get married and begin to live out the happily ever after. These fairy tail stories forgot to tell you that there would be times of trial, hardship, growth and work.

The question becomes, when is Relationship Counseling Orlando needed? The following are 10 signs and some behaviors that your marriage may need help.

1. When both are not talking.

Many challenges arise simply out of the fact that you both cannot communicate effectively. Counseling helps to facilitate an atmosphere where communication can be open, judgement free and safe. When the communication is gone, the relationship is hard to get back on track.

2. When the talk is always very negative.

Negative talk or communication includes anything from leaving a partner feeling shamed, not seen, rejected or disregarded. The tone may be intimidating and not always convey what your trying to say. Body language and non verbals are misread.

3. Your both finding it afraid to speak.

Is it to scary to bring up certain issues? You would just rather avoid them all together? Money, career, sex, the children, etc, can all be topics that when discussed get blown way out of proportion. Therapist help the couple become clear with the issues at hand and help both to truly understand what the topic is and what they are afraid to speak about and why.

4. Affection is being withheld as a form of punishment.

Many find themselves getting angry over very small issues. When they do not feel understood or seen, they can withdraw affection as a passive aggressive way to hurt the other. This can come in the form of withholding sex or even just giving the other the silent treatment. One is acting now as the parent. The balance is now off.

Relationship Counseling Orlando

5. Both of you keep certain secrets.

You both have a right to personal privacy. It is when you start to withhold and keep secrets from your partner that damage is caused. We can see here that things are not right. Is fear or anxiety keeping you from opening up honestly in dialogue?

6. The idea of having an affair becomes a possibility.

Many find themselves fantasizing in their head about having an affair. This is a clear signal that your seeking outside of the relationship for something that is missing. Yes a relationship can survive after an affair has occurred. It is very important that you seek marriage counseling to see where you both got off track. You both must be committed to the process of therapy for it to work. Relationship counseling Orlando can at least help you to end the marriage in a peaceful way if both are unwilling to work on healing the wounds.

7. Financial Infidelity.

This can be one of the most damaging and hurtful actions in a marriage. Many times more than an affair. This is when one partner is keeping the other completely in the dark about their spending habits. This behavioral addiction can ruin a marriage. Therapy can help to bring both partners to the table to start the discussion of money management and setting up a system that will hold each other accountable.

8. Things would all be “OK” if your partner would just change.

You can only change yourself. In relationship counseling Orlando you lean that it is important to allow people to be themselves. Isn’t that why you married them in the first place? You will be waiting an awful long time if you expect the other to change. Why do they have to? Is it because you play the right and wrong, black and white game? A therapist helps both to see that it is in your individual uniqueness that the relationship thrives. When we try to control and manipulate the other person becomes angry, defensive and runs the other way. You may want to check your codependency at the door.

9. Both of you are living lives completely separate.

Do you feel more like your just roommates? If so it may be time for relationship counseling Orlando. You do not have to be glued to each others side. If you both feel checked out, communication is gone and there seems to be no desire to fix the issue, then help may be needed. Who wants to co-exist with someone they planned to live their life with each other?

10. Your arguing over and over again about the same topics and issues.

Each person relative to themselves have certain triggers or hot spots that drive them insane or crazy. Maybe it is the way the dishwasher is loaded or clothes are folded, etc. The other partner cannot understand why it affects them so much and cannot make allowances to let that person have that trigger. It makes them nervous and so the conversation goes on and on about how wrong the behavior is. In relationship counseling Orlando, it is my job to get to the root of the problem. This is fear.

Relationship Counseling Orlando

Myths About Therapy

Why does it take so long for a couple to come into therapy? What is it that keeps the stigma going today? If we took an honest look at all of the benefits of counseling we would see what a gift it can be for each partner not only as a couple but as an individual and family unit at the same time.

The following are some myths you may have that are creating hesitation to get you into therapy?

  • The therapist will take my partners side. This is not the case. Each person has their own story of the way they see events that is true and valid to them.
  • Therapist only take notes and do little to help? No, I am extremely interactive and give 110% to each client. See my approach for more information.
  • Therapist only want your money and then send you out. It is true that many counselors unfortunately still book 50 min sessions costing over $175. Therapy cannot be done in 50 minutes. My sessions last on average 90 min. This way you pay one flat fee of $130 and get the time and attention you deserve. Please see rates and fees for more information.

Relationship Counseling Orlando

If you find your relationship struggling with any of the above listed issues then considering therapy is a wise decision. Never be embarrassed or ashamed about asking for help. We all need help to navigate this tricky thing called relationships. Call today and let’s start the journey.