Relationship Counseling Near Me


Relationship Counseling Near Me

Relationship Counselling Near Me and where to turn when you need help. I don’t know of many couples who are thrilled at the idea that they may need to seek out therapy and get help with their issues. The thing is that we all have them. A relationship is a system with individuals in it. Couples Counseling to me is no more than a dressed up name for individual therapy. You may present as a couple but really the work is always done on an individual basis.

Relationship Counseling Near Me

Reasons to Seek Help

1. You both find that communication is not going well.

There never seems to be a resolution after long talks. Your left feeling worse a lot of the times. You are left feeling anxious and start to avoid deep conversation at all.

2. Getting along with in laws is a struggle.

You dread holidays because you know your going to face the in laws. You see your partner or spouse always siding with them and making comments that are passive aggressive to you. Just the thought of having to see them makes you want to run the other way.

3. You feel large amounts of contempt.

You may be resentful because your spouse is home all day. Your frustrated because it is not clean when you come home. You want to avoid a fight so you do not speak about it.

4. Your children are pretending to not see or admit that fighting is occurring.

They have become so used to it that they don’t get phased by it anymore. If they do they certainly are not going to tell you since your not able to have the emotional stability to handle the information.

5. Your not feeling the attraction like you once did.

The physical attraction is dissipating. There is no excitement in the relationship. You think that there might be something wrong with you. All attempts fail to rekindle the spark.

6. Your parenting approaches just do not line up.

One is seen as the bad or mean parent while the other is the fun parent. This creates resentment and anger.

Relationship Counseling Near Me

Do you find that the above examples explain you and your relationship. Finding help for your relationship is not always fun but it may be very necessary. Understand my approach in helping couples to get on track. Find that you are an individual in a system with another. Call today and lets start working together.