Stop Procrastination and Start Living


Stop Procrastination and Start Living

Stop Procrastination now and start living the life you were meant to live. Have you ever had an important task that needs to be solved immediately, but you have no desire to deal with it, even though you were aware of the dire consequences of your apathy? If your answer is “yes”, then congratulations! You, like many of us, are a procrastinator, a person who would rather play a game, read something useless, or even count your moles than actually start working. While your idleness might seem debilitating at first, the good news is that there are ways to get rid of it and actually start leading a productive life if you truly wish to do so.

Stop Procrastination

5 Helpful Ways

Here are five foolproof strategies that will steer you away from the bed and help you become your best, most effective self:

1. Start keeping a planner

Now, I know that nowadays most of us only use a pen to sign various documents, but hear me out: writing down all the tasks that you need to solve in a day and crossing them out in the evening is a powerful way to both keep yourself accountable AND improve your time management. Moreover, a planner gives you a sense of control over your life, as it allows you to plan future events and distribute your assignments so as not to feel overwhelmed and anxious when multiple deadlines approach.

2. Use your devices efficiently

The app store of your smartphone is like a grocery store. You are tempted to get all the sweet, unhealthy treats, such as strategy games and movie streaming apps. But the truth is that, under the same roof, you can also find vegetables, or, in our case, productivity apps. Suited for every need you might have, they are there solely to help you stay focused and keep track of your duties. With a bit of research, you can find apps that prevent you from using your phone or tablet for a given amount of time, apps that help you develop healthy habits or even apps that can teach you certain time management methods, such as the Pomodoro technique.

3. Leave your bed

Take a look at your room. Does it inspire you to finally start writing that amazing book you want to start? Does it encourage you to take a nap? You will, probably, choose the second alternative, which means that your current environment isn’t suited for working. Find a nice, quiet place away from home where you can go and solve your assignments peacefully. Your office, a café, or a library are the most obvious choices. You can also go to a park, or, if you’re a freelancer, rent a space in a hub. Staying in your room leads to isolation and depression.

4. Find a work buddy

You are less likely to procrastinate if someone else is working in your proximity. Finding a friend who also struggles is a good way to convince yourself that you have to stop procrastinating. Feelings of guilt associated with seeing your buddy focused on work force you to start doing something yourself. Seeing your colleague in misery can also steer you in the right direction.

5. Just get up and do it!

This may seem easier said than done. It is not impossible. All you need to do to get started is to leave the bed. Put the phone away and sit down. Do the first step of whatever task you need to carry out. If you start things will come naturally. The desire to finish your job will overcome your attraction towards that soft pillow of yours.

Stop Procrastination

Seek Help

Seek mental health counseling today and put an end to procrastination. You will learn to feel empowered, valued and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment will come over you. In therapy we will together in a collaborative effort, explore the blocks holding you back from taking those next steps. Understand my approach and together lets get some wind under your wings.