Phone Therapy Services Orlando

Phone Therapy Services Orlando

Phone Therapy Services Orlando and what are the benefits of this service? Some may get the idea that it is impersonal to talk on the phone with a therapist. Others may find it much easier to speak on the phone then to do a face to face session in office with a therapist.

People are often surprised when they hear the amount of people or clients that are utilizing over the telephone therapy. At first I was skeptical and was unclear if it would work out. Soon after trying it I found that by working on the phone without having the visual cues, I was forced to go deeper into my intuitive state and be a more intentional listener.

Phone Therapy Service Orlando

CBS reported a study that showed phone counseling to have an equal if not better result. It was more effective than those reporting face to face interaction.

A study of 325 participants exhibiting depression agreed to be part of a study with the AMA. The results indicated that phone therapy encourages more participants to reach out and seek therapy as apposed to going therapy.

There was a study in the Journal of Counseling and Development showing clients are much more pleased with conducting phone counseling instead of in office counseling. They reported feeling less on “spot” and more comfortable not showing their faces.

Other significant studies have found people depression were less likely dropping out of therapy via the phone.

Phone Therapy Service Orlando



You have the choice to work with a particular therapist. Location plays no role.
You can hone in on the type of therapist that specializes dealing with our particular issues.


You will not have to travel for your session.


Therapy can be conducted from your home, car, office or anywhere you deem safe and confidential.


You may find it more relaxing and easier to open up on the phone.
This is especially effective for those who may be nervous starting out and experience anxiety about coming into session.


As you have read, research is showing that phone therapy is just as effective as in person therapy.

Phone Therapy Service Orlando

Give It A Try

What do you have to lose? Give phone therapy service Orlando a try today. Read more about my approach and lets see if we are a good fit. Start healing from depression, anxiety and other emotional, mental issues.