Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling

Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling

Way to go! You’re finally engaged to your one and only true love. First thing you thought when you got engaged was how to start planning the wedding. The benefits of Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling was the farthest thing from your mind. As the big day draws nearer you start to ask yourself if there are things about your partner that maybe your overlooking. Could we strengthen our relationship and understand each other on a deeper level?

Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling is something you and your partner might want to give serious consideration to. Let it be an integral part of your future plans for a lasting and strong marital partnership.

When you work with a counselor you can be assured that you will be fully prepared that you and your partner can tackle the tougher questions and issues that arise during marriage.

What is Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling

The Mayo Clinic’s definition for pre marriage counseling is “a type or form of counseling that seeks to help a couple to get ready for marriage. Pre marriage counseling aims to ensure that both have a very strong and healthy relationship thus providing you with a much better opportunity for a stable and very satisfying marriage. Therapy before marriage helps couples to identify the weaknesses in the relationship that they feel could lead to serious long term problems and/or failure in the marriage.

We see the Mayo clinic goes on to lists certain topics below as the main or primary focus for Pre marital counseling. They also assist in giving you the insight you need for what can be expected should you decide for the relationship to prepare before marriage with therapy.

  • Finances And budget
  • Effective Communication and improvement
  • Beliefs and value systems
  • Marital roles
  • Affection, sex and intimacy
  • Child raising and parenting roles
  • Family relationships and boundaries
  • Shared Decision making
  • Coping with anger
  • The importance of quality time together

Orlando Pre marriage counseling is provided by licensed counselors. It is conducted over the short course of a few brief sessions. Couples may be asked to perform several types of therapeutic exercises together and then separately that will help them better understand just how they perform and function together, levels of compatibility in their present relationship and for the future marriage. Exercises include: written test, questionnaire, role playing possible potential situations that they may be faced with in marriage (loss of a job, illness), create marriage goals, address issues they as a couple may have been previously avoiding, and being able to identifying potential future reasons and causes of marital tension.

Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling

Types and Various Techniques

As part of your kids adjustment to life and significant changes it can affect their level of functioning. Some of those changes are the following

  • Religious premarital counseling

    Most religious institutions will require a couple to attend some sort or type of therapy before the ceremony. If you want to get married in a house of religious worship then check with whoever is going to be conducting the ceremony before and see what the requirements are.

  • Online pre marital counseling courses

    For a more private type of therapy then there are several online courses available. Online courses for the most part take no more than half the day. They help facilitate discussions with you both and provide thoughtful information in regards to anticipating and positively giving responses to conflicts that may arise in marriage. Many provide certificates of completion at the end.

  • In Person Professional Therapy

    This is the traditional type of pre marriage therapy. When you meet with a counselor it is a great way for you to ensure that your counseling will be specifically tailored for your relationship. Your able to tackle those issues and struggles that might have the potential in the future to create problems. Also those areas you will want to begin to work on before marriage. Session is 100% confidential and private.

  • Compatibility Testing

    Often is given alongside other types of pre marital counseling, compatibility tests are assessments that are designed to help find areas that you and your partner feel already have a very strong foundation in regards to respect and communication. You both will see them as useful resources to help facilitate professional counseling by ensuring that you are addressing those areas that are most needing to be addressed.

  • Group Courses

    Group Counseling isn’t just for those dealing with mental health issues. It is also helpful for engaged couples that interact with other couples in open discussion. They provide different perspectives and ideas to the group. As a couple you will learn new strategies for conflict-resolution you had not thought of. You may also feel a sense of relief knowing that you are not alone in struggling with certain issues.

Benefits of Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling

One obvious benefit of Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling before you get married is that your both taking the necessary steps to ensure that you have the best chance possible to live a happy and stable life.

Creating goals and resolutions that are mutual- You and your partner may have a different idea when it comes to specifically what it will take to achieve a very happy and long term successful marriage. By meeting before your married you get the opportunity to find resolutions between your differences.

Understand, adapt, improve your communication styles – Learn each other’s unique communication style. Also how to adapt to each and allow for differences in style. Be able to fully talk through the potential problems you have instead of just ignoring them or arguing nonstop about them with no idea how to resolve them.

Orlando Pre Marriage Counseling

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