Orlando Life Coaching - What Is The Truth?

Orlando Life Coaching – What Is The Truth?

Orlando Life Coaching and finding your alignment is and should be a priority in an individual’s life. How do know what is “the truth”? What does that mean? Whose speaking it? How can I know when something is true? We each have our own perception of what we think is right, wrong, good and bad. Wouldn’t you say that each of us is right because in our own world it is right according to us? However we find among humans that we are all running around trying to impose our truths onto each other.

We tend to want to be understood far more than we seek to understand others. Everyone is running around talking about “the truth”. As if it’s something tangible. There are as many right ways to do something as there are humans on this earth. Yet wars break out, religions battle over who is right, countries go to war, etc.

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The Truth and Trust

I hear all day long in therapy and in Orlando Life Coaching couples telling each other that the trust has been broken. How their partner now has to earn back their trust. This quickly becomes a slippery slope. How exactly does one go about earning back trust? Can’t we say that instead of the trust being broken you simple had an expectation that was not met? You assumed or expected events to play out a certain way. When they don’t you get offended and personalize it. You think others do it deliberately to you. Your walls go up and your defensive.

In The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz he discusses in the Second Agreement that nothing in life is personal. Nothing anyone says to us, does to us or thinks about us is personal. It’s not about us. It’s about themselves. It’s the story they are making up about what they perceive. They have an entirely different way of seeing things that has been conditioned by a lifetime of interpretation, doctrine, social and religious conditioning, cultural influences and much more.

Maybe instead of looking for others to break your trust you can just challenge yourself to look at the set of expectations and assumptions your making up about any one situation. Stay present, don’t personalize it and you will find that an overwhelming sense of peace will come over you. Orlando Life Coaching is a great place to start in the search for your own personal truth.

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Truth – Finding Your Own

As we have been taught, we tend to want to get others to hear us, get us, validate us and understand us. We get frustrated and hurt when we feel others don’t understand us. What if they do but they simply don’t agree with your narrative or interpretation of events?

Are you going to forever live in frustration, anger, resentment and spite? Find your own truth. Be okay if it is not the same as others. Be ok allowing others to freely speak their own individual truth. To love unconditionally means that no attempts are made to impose one’s truth on another. Acceptance of what is. To allow others to be. This is what I feel is the highest calling. Spiritual life coaching and Orlando life coaching are avenues to help assist you in finding your alignment.

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Truth and Your Highest Calling

What is your highest calling? What is the path your life should take? How do you manifest a beautiful life? Learn to live your truth and be in alignment. To be in alignment is to live in that place that represents your highest good. What is your highest good? First you must know your truth. Know what you will and won’t tolerate. This is related to self and others. Bring yourself to alignment. Have you been conditioned to go against your truth? When you don’t want to do something you find yourself agreeing to it anyway. You feel responsible for other people’s feelings.

Maybe you suppress your feelings. You have been conditioned to not show anger so you suppress it. You go against your truth and placate others. You don’t want to be the disagreeable one. By doing these things your left feeling resentful and upset.

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As a licensed mental health counselor I have had the privilege and honor of working with hundreds of clients. Each are unique yet so similar in a lot of ways. Each person tells their story from their own eyes. Their own “truth”.

Orlando Life Coaching helps my clients to sift and sort through their lives and find balance, peace and serenity. Find yours today. Call us at 407-967-1327 and let’s get started.