Orlando Life Coaching and Therapy


Orlando Life Coaching and Therapy

Orlando Life Coaching and therapy. What are the many benefits of having a life coach? Let’s start with understanding the difference between what a life coach is and how it is different from a therapist.

Therapists, are classified as either psychologists or counselors. They carry either a master’s or doctorate degree and are licensed within their state. The focus is on ways to help the client understand their behaviors, motives and how they can improve upon them to live a full and productive life.

Life coaching Orlando on the other hand, is obtained through a certificate after many hours of training. Programs such as the International Coaching Federation aim to assist individuals in becoming life coaches. There is not degree required. The main function of a life coach is to help their clients to become motivated, they offer support that is emotional and help to guide them in gaining confidence. There is a large cross over of therapist who are also serving the role of being a life coach.

For several life coaches, the focus is on creating a new and improved life path with their clients. Therapy on the other hand focus on the emotional resolution that clients face with past issues and problems.

Orlando Life Coaching and Therapy

The following are some of the ways that Life Coaching Orlando can help to improve and enhance an individuals life. Also below are listed simultaneously benefits of therapy. My goal is for you to understand the difference between the two so that you are educated in making a decision as to which one you think is right for you.

Therapy aims to help you handle the emotional problems and stress in life. They do not always have to be trauma based.

Therapy is famous for it’s ability to help clients problem solve. It addresses topics such as learning to face and overcome anxiety, depression and addiction. It helps to establish emotional support and healing.

A person does not have to have gone through a major traumatic event so that they qualify for therapy. Therapy allows a person to take an objective look at different areas of their lives and gain the awareness and self regulation of their cognitions and moods.

Life Coaching Orlando is going to help you to set tangible and realistic goals. There is a clear cut path to these goals. It is a collaborative hands on approach when working with your life coach.

You can benefit from a wide range of topics when seeing a life coach.

  • Weight Loss or gain
  • Organizational Skills
  • Career change
  • Dating and social interaction
  • Money management and budgeting.
  • Making friends and learning to get out more.

These are just a few of the several topic relevant to working with a life coach. There are several more to list. A life coach can assist you in overcoming the mental mind blocks that we all challenge daily. A life coach differs in the area of helping to hold you accountable.

Orlando Life Coaching and Therapy

and the Many Benefits

You will learn to create and formulate a plan that will help to shift you into alignment and make great changes. Life coaching seeks to help formulate an achievable plan. One that is going to guide you with more hands on support and accountability. Therapy strives to assist in creating a forum for increased awareness. Also for developing strategies to handle the many challenges that individuals perceive as hard and often impossible.