Orlando Child Therapy


Orlando Child Counseling

Orlando Child Counseling seeks to help the child and parents build a bridge to better understanding how to reach and relate to your child. Did you know most children are more worried about your well being than their own?

Many parents do not stop to ask if their child has been affected by the recent arguments, divorce, separation, etc of their parents. They assume the child is fine and go on about their day not thinking at all about their needs. Our children are a direct influence and pick up on our energy. They feel it when we are tense, upset, frustrated, closed off, panicking and depressed.

Orlando Child counseling seeks to explain to parents and caregivers why the child is affected and what they can do to bring themselves into alignment and find the peace they desperately need so that the child stands a chance at living out their own experiences and not those of the parents.

Orlando Child Counseling

What Are The Advantages?

Orlando Child Therapy provides several advantages for children and parents. The following are a few to name:

  • Creates a safe place for the child to discuss their internal process.
  • Allows parents to see the state of stress and tension the child holds with the assistance of the therapist.
  • Becomes a great place for parents and children to bond and practice newly learned skills.
  • Is a safe place where all parties understand what is said in the therapy room stays there.
  • Helps the parents to get an outside perspective as to what they need to focus on in their own life.

Orlando Child Counseling

What Happens If We Don’t Reach Them?

If we are not able to reach our children then they soon become the parent and take on the role of care taking the parents. The child perceives the parent or parents as emotionally unable to hold it together. They then feel the sole responsibility fall on their shoulders. This is when the power structure becomes unbalanced and children are now in control. This leads to a heavy weight of responsibility.

Children are expected to read the minds of their parents and anticipate their needs. This is backwards. You have children with extreme anxiety, frustration, depression and a loss of their innocence.

Holding the Space For Our Children

Let’s be a group of parents that can be emotionally strong for our children. Learn to work through your issues that are unresolved from the past, Don’t  transfer them onto your kids. Let’s take responsibility for our actions and not place the blame on our children when we get upset. Do the work parents and you will see your child thrive and return to the age they are suppose to be.

Let’s get started today and create a bridge through family therapy and Orlando Child counseling. Call now for a session at 407-967-1327. Book online and get started. One of our talented therapist will walk you through the steps and assist your child in getting headed in the right direction. Understand more about our approach.