Orlando Anxiety Therapy


Orlando Anxiety Therapy

Orlando Anxiety therapy and help for your situation. It’s not surprising that anxiety is one of the top reasons most reach out for therapy. It affects over 40 million Americans. Over 18% of the world population, ages 18 and above are struggling with a form or type of anxiety. Even though this disorder is very treatable, statistics reveal that 1/3 of the individuals ask for the help to overcome anxiety. Women are two times more likely to be afflicted with anxiety than men are.

This blog is a helpful guide to assist you in recognizing the symptoms, root causes and how to seek anxiety help.

Orlando Anxiety Therapy

Understanding Anxiety

Orlando Anxiety therapy is the natural response for the body when perceiving danger. It is the automatic alarm going off when we feel threatened. Also when under intense pressure or a situation that is stressful. Anxiety symptoms are both emotional and physical that a person will feel and experience on various levels of intensity. Things like public speaking, going dating, test taking, pressure to make a deadline, etc are all examples. Anxiety can motivate us to change and this is when it is beneficial. However, anxiety starts to become a real problem when you are unable on a day to day basis to do the things you enjoy most in life.

Who suffers from anxiety?

  • 50% of females are more likely suffering from some type of anxiety.
  • Both adults, teens and children that are victims of abuse and trauma.
  • An individual stressed related to medical illnesses.
  • Individuals who internalize stress and let it implode.
  • Individuals that have an anxious personality type.
  • Those people that suffer also from depression.
  • Individuals that come from a history of families with anxiety.
  • Individuals that use alcohol, drugs and behavioral addictions to numb the anxiety.

Orlando Anxiety Therapy

Causes of Anxiety related to Medical Issues:

  • History of heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid issues
  • Issues stemming from asthma
  • Drug addiction
  • Withdrawals from alcohol, anti-anxiety medication, or any other medications
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • The side effects from certain medication

What are the Signs and Symptoms?

Can you recognize any of the following signs for yourself or another?

Poor focus, concentration and/or memory

You find it hard to stay focused on simple task that were once easy. You seem to forget information when put on spot. It seems that the ability to concentrate is significantly impacted. You are unable to complete simple basic tasks. Concentration is also significantly impacted. You feel edgy and on attack mode.

Tension, worry and irritability

You experience muscle tension. Your body all over aches and is full of pain. You are very irritated with people. Your finding yourself snapping quickly toward others. You are more easily irritated with people and situations. Your mind is racing and you constantly worry.

Feelings of nervousness and a loss of control

Your always feeling a lack of control when it comes to your life. You feel this nagging sense that inevitably something horrible is about to happen. Leaving the house and going into crowds starts to scare you. Your sleep is thrown off and you cannot manage to relax even if your home is a comfortable environment.

Rapid increased heart rate, heavy and troubled breathing, dizziness

Your so full of anxiety that you experience a rise in your blood pressure and have a hard time breathing. The breathe becomes frantic and pressured. These symptoms combined leave you feeling disoriented and dizzy.

Rapid increased heart rate, heavy and troubled breathing, dizziness

Your so full of anxiety that you experience a rise in your blood pressure and have a hard time breathing. The breathe becomes frantic and pressured. These symptoms combined leave you feeling disoriented and dizzy.

Increased Sweating

Your nervous and you start to sweat as a response.This is due to the heart rapidly increasing. Your breathing is faster and you find yourself shaking.

Hands and Body are Shaking

Your whole body starts to uncontrollably shake. Hand tremors start and you cannot seem to get them under control. You have increased adrenaline. Your body is responding to fear.

An Increase in Fatigue and Affected Sleep

Your getting to much sleep or not enough. You seem to not be able to fall asleep and stay asleep. Your tossing and turning much of the night. Your mind is unable to stop racing.

Fearing Always that the Worst will Happen

A persistent and constant feeling of impending doom hangs over you. You are just sure that something bad will happen. You awfulize and believe that catastrophic events will occur. The worst case scenario will always play out in the end.

Increased Restlessness

No matter what you do, it seems you can never relax. You have the hardest time letting your mind turn off from the constant chatter. Your body is always wanting to move and cannot sit still and rest.

Persistent Headaches and Also Intense migraines

No matter if you have a history of headaches or not, their is an increase in the intensity and duration. These are created by the tension that is constantly there. The mind is bringing these thoughts into your reality. The story you make up about events leads to worry and stress.

Orlando Anxiety Therapy

Understand what anxiety is and how you can eliminate it from your life.

  • Take a pen and paper and start making a list of what worries you the most.
  • Tell yourself that you are going to give yourself a break each day using mindfulness and mediation to stop the worry.
  • Understand that you have no control over anything outside of yourself.
  • Try to only focus on those things you can control and let go of the idea that anything needs to be controlled or fixed.

Be here in the Present Moment and Not off In the Future.

  • I describe depression as the past and anxiety as the future. We pull from the past and predict the future, dumping our fear and anxiety right onto the present moment. Learning to be mindful and in the present moment will eliminate anxiety and help you to be free from it’s bondage.

Eat Clean and Exercises

  • Get active and eat clean. Flush out the toxins and replenish your body. You will feel so much better.
  • Exercise will and does produce the natural hormones and chemicals our bodies release resulting in an enhanced and positive mood.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

  • 7-9 hours each night of sleep is a great amount.
  • Try going to bed each night at the same time. Try waking up also at the same time. Get your body on a regulated schedule.
  • Take out the television from your room.
  • Stop drinking any caffeinated drinks after around 2pm.

Decrease your use of Alcohol and Nicotine.

  • Cigarettes will only stimulate your system and cause you to stay awake.
  • Caffeine will only create more anxiety and make it hard to stay calm.
  • Alcohol is a depressant and will disrupt your sleep schedule.

Start working with a Licensed Therapist to learn how to eliminate anxiety.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy seeks to look at our connections we place on our thoughts which then dictate our feelings and behavior. Start changing the way you view the world and this changes the way you feel. Leaving you in a state of peace and serenity.
  • Exposure therapy helps by imagining the things that you perceive as stressful. You imagine them and then you will gradually get to the part of being exposed to the thing that you perceive is the root cause of your anxiety. You will then see that anxiety has left you.

Anxiety Therapy and Help is just a phone call away. Why sit in fear and unrest when you can eliminate it? Getting help is a wonderful way to explore how your mind is falsely making up a story that is creating panic and distress. Call today and let’s eliminate stress and anxiety from your life. Anxiety help is now.