Orlando Anxiety Therapy


Orlando Anxiety Therapy

Orlando Anxiety Therapy and ways that you can learn to ease your anxiety on the spot. Unfortunately, anxiety is an emotional burden that affects people from all walks of life. Any number of factors, including work, school, family, finances, etc., can cause anxiety to varying degrees. Additionally, physical issues, such as a lack of sleep or poor nutrition, can cause one to feel more anxious. Anxiety can be more than a fleeting feeling of worry. In severe cases, anxiety may be a major inhibition in one’s career and personal life. When you start to feel anxious, it often makes a world of difference to have a set of strategies that help you relax and regain control of your thoughts

Orlando Anxiety Therapy

Methods That Work

When anxiety hits, the following tactics may help you calm down, regroup, and deal with stress more effectively.

​​1. Practice conscious breathing.

Taking deep breaths is the typical suggestion made to help people feeling panicked or stressed out. It may seem overly simple, but taking a moment to focus on your breathing can help lower a quickened heart rate, release tension, and dispel panicked thoughts. Try inhaling slowly for 3 seconds, then exhaling for 3. Repeat this several times, adding one second to the inhale and exhale each time. Focusing on your breathing can also temporarily take your mind off of the anxiety and soothe your negative thoughts.

​​2. Eat a healthy snack.

An empty stomach can intensify feelings of anxiety and unrest. Eating something nutritious and filling is a simple way to settle discomfort. Try having a snack that will satiate you without making you feel overly full: a banana with peanut butter, toast with an egg, yogurt with granola, or a turkey sandwich. Eat a snack that you enjoy to help stir up some positive feelings.

​​3. Write down your feelings and concerns.

Expressing your thoughts on paper when you’re feeling anxious can help put problems into perspective and make them feel more manageable. Writing down your feelings also makes you pinpoint the issues that are causing your anxiety so that you can begin to tackle them.

​​4. Participate in some gentle exercise.

Exercise is a healthy and productive distraction for when you’re feeling anxious. Try an activity that’s relatively gentle so as not to put excessive strain on your body, such as walking, yoga, or swimming. Exercise is also known to release endorphins, which are bodily chemicals proven to trigger feelings of happiness and reduce feelings of stress.

​​5. Mindfulness and Meditation

Allow yourself time to quiet the chatter of your mind. Bring your thoughts into awareness and learn to still your mind. Anxiety is nothing more than fear and that is something not in this present moment. Learn to be mindful of the present moment. In this present moment all is well. There is no fear.

Orlando Anxiety Therapy

Seek Help Today

Anxiety is an adverse effect of stress that everyone experiences at one point or another. It may not be possible to eliminate anxiety entirely, but by taking steps against the initial signs of panic, you may be able to lessen the toll it takes on your life. The next time you’re starting to feel worried or panicked, try out one of the strategies listed above to alleviate anxious feelings and get back to your life.

Seek help today and learn to live in the present moment. Understand my approach to assisting you in living the life you were meant to live. Free from fear and anxiety.