Online Mental Health Counseling

Online Mental Health Counseling

Online Mental Health Counseling and how does it stack up against face to face therapy? With the increase in social media and devices we can reach anyone at anytime in the world. This is great if your in need of help immediately and do not know where to turn to. Only an estimated 1/3 of those suffering from mental health issues seek help. Many reasons are travel, finances, lack of availability to get in and see a therapist within a reasonable time period. There is also the stigma people have attached to the idea of getting mental health treatment.

The answer is not always technology as a replacement for face to face therapy. It offers much more flexibility and choices.

Online Mental Health Counseling

Pros and Cons


  • Online mental health counseling and services offer a variety of choices and much greater room and flexibility for clients to get the help they need. Many people would admit they are not comfortable doing a face to face session with a therapist. They like and much prefer the anonymity that online counseling can provide.
  • Email therapy and communication is often utilized and allows the therapist and client to really take their time to read and thoughtfully respond to concerns and questions.
  • Online mental health counseling is very appealing for those disabled, or living in a remote area. This relates to therapy not easily found close to the clients residence.
  • Many find that a combination of both is very useful. In between face to face therapy a web application can be used.

Is it Effective?

There is a lot of strong evidence showing that online therapy can be highly effective. Cognitive behavioral especially. Some research trials show that online therapy is as effective as face to face therapy. Mainly around issues related to depression, anxiety and stress.


Despite the many great benefits, online mental health services does have disadvantages.

  • Body language and tone of voice are easy to misunderstand or not pick up on at all.
  • Digital online mental health counseling services require self motivation. It is your job to make the time and stick to the self help materials.
  • It may be hard for you to always find the privacy you need at the time of your appointment.

Online Mental Health Counseling

Overall it is a great option for those considering therapy but are not able or ready to do in office sessions. Start the work of understanding yourself in relation to the world around you. Any form you choose will only enhance your life tremendously.