Online Couples Therapy Orlando


Online Couples Therapy Orlando

Online Couples Therapy Orlando is growing at a fast pace. The internet is not going anywhere. This is a good thing for those seeking counseling and therapy for their relationships.

People use the internet for everything these days. To order food, clothes, shopping, etc. Why not counseling? Phone therapy and Online counseling has become a widely used method of helping couples and individuals for some time now.

Online Couples Therapy Orlando

What is It?

Online couples counseling is referred to by many terms and names. Internet counseling, video and web counseling, e-counseling, phone therapy, and many more. It can get confusing. I like to use the phrase Online and phone counseling. It is simply conducting a therapy or counseling session over the internet or phone with a web camera. It is HIPPA compliant, effective and very easy to use. If so many are using it for individual therapy then why not for couples counseling. Many times one partner may travel for work and not be able to come in for face to face therapy. Maybe you both are hesitant and would like to try online counseling first to see if you feel comfortable with a therapist.

My goal is to meet the needs of you and your partner. Help you to heal and find love and lost intimacy that you both once had. To help you understand why you have the response you do when things are said. Understanding that life is not personal and that you each are right when it comes to how you both see the world. Couples get lost in the blame game of who is more right than the other.

Online Couples Therapy Orlando


Online Couples Therapy Orlando

1. Counseling is just a hassle. It’s inconvenient!

Not when you utilize online therapy it isn’t. By using the click of a button you can access counseling. All you need is a SKYPE account and a private place to talk where you won’t be interrupted. It is so convenient you do not even have to be in the same room much less the same city as your partner to conduct therapy. You can do sessions on the beach, at home or from your office.

2. Couples therapy takes a long time.

No it really does not. I work with the underlying issues not coping skills like most therapist. If you put forth the effort up front to be willing and honest then you will be amazed how little time you need with me. My job is to challenge you to make new and improved choices and to approach each other with better understanding and awareness of yourself and your partner. Therapy gets to the heart of the problem and resolves the pain allowing you to create a healthier and richer relationship with your partner.

3. Marriage Counseling Just Does Not Work!

There is no manual for marriages. I think we could write one by now though. After 15 years helping couples I see that most issues fall withing the same scope or area. Feelings of resentment, blame, misinterpretation, assumptions, etc are all common themes.

If you are willing to give your marriage the time to make it a priority, you will be amazed at how with just a few sessions change will occur. You will learn to let go of anger. Depression will fall away. your partner. Therapy gets to the heart of the problem and resolves the pain allowing you to create a Anxiety will have no place in the marriage.

Online Couples Therapy Orlando

Give It A Try

What do you have to lose? Get the help you need today to improve your relationship with your partner. It is important that you understand not only the dynamics of the relationship and the areas that need to be improved but it is also about learning who you are. As an individual in the context of a relationship you will see how issues stemming from fear and conditioning play out in your current relationship over and over again.

Online counseling can be effective for both individual therapy as well as couples counseling. Take the step today to start healing yourself and your relationship.