Negative Self Talk


Negative Self Talk

Negative Self talk and ways to change your negative thinking. Below is a list of 10 common phrases I hear client state on a daily basis. This negative thinking leads to fear, anxiety, depression and feelings that your life has no direction.

1. I’m worthless.

This is a damaging assault to your self-esteem and is false thinking. Telling yourself you are not “worth it” is just the programming and conditioning you have fallen victim to in society.

2. There’s no use trying.

Telling yourself the statement takes away all of your personal power. Everything is worth trying who cares if you fail. Why do we always have to find things by success. Try something new to try different approach but don’t give up.

3. I just can’t do it.

Who said you can’t do it? Are you telling yourself you can’t do it? Is someone else that you hold weight and what they think or say about you telling you that you can’t do it? If you continue to tell yourself this negative statement then of course the thing you want to manifest and create will never come to fruition.

4. I’ll never follow through. It’s easier to give up.

Stop shooting yourself in the foot before you even get out of the gate. Tell yourself that you can follow through. Be passionate with intention about everything that you do.

Negative Self Talk

5. People don’t like me.

Again this is a false statement. I tell my clients all the time 50% of the people in the world love you and 50% will hate you and these are people that don’t even know you. Start telling yourself that you are lovable likable and you’ll believe it.

6. I am not enough I must be better.

You are enough. You always have been enough. Stop comparing yourself to other people find what you’re passionate about. Develop and create the very unique special gifts and talents you possess.

7. I must be perfect or else I am a failure.

First it’s important to understand where you even got the definition of what it means to be perfect. There’s no guidebook or handbook out there stating what is perfect. This sets you up for never feeling good enough, complete or adequate.

8. My opinion doesn’t matter. I am only one person.

Your opinion does matter. It’s less important though if others will agree or disagree with your opinion. Realize that everybody has their own view point when it comes to seeing this world. Your opinion and your viewpoint and what you have to say should be said with intention compassion and love.

9. I’ll never be any different than who I am now.

This all depends on if you like the person you are or not. Why do you tell yourself that you’ll never be different. Every second of the day in the present moment you have the ability to change any aspect of yourself that you choose to. You must change the negative thought patterns, the negative self statements and re framing them will motivate you and propel you forward to great change.

10. People don’t really change.

This could not be further from the truth. Anyone at any stage in life and at any age can change. All it takes is the ability to be honest with reality and be able to take an honest look at yourself.

How to start changing Negative Self-Talk

It’s very easy but first you need the awareness that you’re even doing it at all. It’s called a double bind. You want to be somewhere else in life, you want to be someone different you want to change your behavior but you keep telling yourself that you can’t so therefore you never will.

Following the simple steps can help you gain the awareness and ability to change a manifest to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Stop running on autopilot.

Be aware that your doing the same thing over and over again. Switch it up, meet new like-minded people, create new passion and find out your interest.

2. Stay planted in the present moment.

The negative self talk and beliefs about yourself reside in the past. Catch yourself when you have one of these negative self talk moments. Be aware when you’re making them, stop yourself and tell yourself that this is faults thinking. Replace it with a positive statement.

3. Stop beating yourself up and personalizing everything.

Be easy on yourself give yourself credit for things you do well. Be grateful and have an attitude of gratitude for each and every blessing that you’ve been given.

Counseling for Negative Self Talk

Once you can start to identify the negative thoughts that you allow yourself to dump into your mind, your ready to be intentional with you life. You are now set on a path that will heal rather than hurt. You know intuitively that you are and always have been perfectly made and designed uniquely. Together lets take the journey to redefine the conditioned mind and change the negative self talk.