Succeed in Life with These 4 types of Mentors


Succeed in Life with These 4 types of Mentors

Mentors, we all need them along the path of life. I know personally that for me I could not have made it without the aid of mentors and strong people in my life. Others who help us, encourage us, cheer for us and help guide us. These are the people that cross your path at a certain time in your life to assist. All of the most successful people will tell you they did not get where they are going without the mentor-ship and guidance of wise women and men.

Finding the right coach is key. Ask yourself what area you need guidance in. A great way to think of this is to create your very own board of directors team. Mentors are not created equal and have gifts and talents in different areas. Some that guide you may need on a daily basis, others monthly or weekly. It all depends on where you are along your journey as it relates to the need (i.e, job or career mentoring, life coaching, fitness and nutritional, health, etc)

Below is a list of 4 different types of mentors to keep on your board of directors. Of course there can be more but this is a great springboard to start with and essential in building that team to assist and mentor you.

4 Types of Mentors

1. The Coach

No doubt that when you were young your parents were your first coaches. If they are able to stay objective then they steered you in the right direction. They would hopefully have encouraged you when you were down. They listened and attempted to assist in finding solutions. At a certain point though you will outgrow them. They will no longer be effective because your career has outgrown their personal level of experience. You will need to have wiser, older industry related people on your team that are more attuned to your specific needs and industry. They will coach you during the tough times.They can help you think big picture and solve work-related issues. These mentors find satisfaction in knowing they are helping the next generation and passing it forward.

2. The Connector

These mentors are rare and very important to have. Connectors are those individuals who help plug you in with others through their connections in the field. They are vital when starting out and can help you meet just the right person at the right moment. These people are usually high energy and love to be social. They have deep ties to networking. These mentors are respected in the community and in their field. They “get things done.” Once you find a connector don’t let them go.

3. The Cheerleader

These are the ones who you call after a bid promotion and are thrilled for you. It’s so important to have a cheerleader in your corner to really lift you up and that genuinely cares for your success. The business world can be cutthroat and you will need people that genuinely are happy for your wins and success. They will be there when others have left. Even if you fall and go bankrupt, the cheerleader is there to encourage you. Sometimes all you need to know is that you can reach out to them and they are there for support. That’s all you need to get you through. Sometimes one is just enough, This person is called your “rock”. Stable, immovable and unconditionally loving.

4. The Challenger

This type of life coach is not meant to be your best friend. They will tell it like it is. The challenger will be the one to hold the line. Ask the tough questions. You don’t always need the happy mom type. If you truly want to grow in your life and field, they will point out areas of weakness and look for the potential dangers. They don’t sugar coat things. Run and idea by your challenger and they will be quick to tell you if it stinks or not. The challenger is harsh and for your own good.

If coming from the right place, you will be quickly realigned and placed on the right path. Challengers are extremely smart, savvy and move fast. They are on the move and don’t have time for coffee talk. Call your cheerleader mentor. They will have an answer and move on it.

Life without Mentors

What would it look like to not have mentors cheering you on? How would it feel to not have a strong, steady and capable person helping to guide you onto the right path? How about not having that one person who can plug you in with someone from the community?

You may feel like your swimming constantly upstream. Trial and error is your story. You may feel confused and lost. How could you honestly feel any other way? It’s as if your wearing blindfolds and your attempting to cross a busy highway.

Plug in today with a mentor and start building your board of directors. The benefits go without saying. Life can be easier for you. There is help out there.