If your not familiar with life-coaching then you will have some questions as to how it works. Also questions about the many benefits. Life-Coaching is a professional and ongoing relationship that helps to facilitate extraordinary results for your life. Also your career, business and personal relationships. Life-Coaching isn’t the same as Counseling and therapy. It seeks to look forward and help you to achieve positive changes. As a life coach my job will be to show you new techniques and strategies. Before you know it you will have closed in on the gap that lies between where you are now and where you will want to be.


The many Benefits

There are several benefits to hiring a life coach. The following are some ways in which life-coaching is the right choice for you.

  • Clarity

    Knowing exactly what it is you want is half of the battle. An aspect of pre-coaching helps you to gain the clarity and focus you need to make and set clear goals. As part of pre-coaching, I will aim to help you get focused and clear about all that you want to achieve from coaching. We will work on a ongoing basis and as needed. Life-coaching helps you stay clear in regards to your desired goals and direction in which you would like to head. These are important first steps in creating the life you want to live.

  • Accountability

    Accountability can be a very powerful and essential tool when creating lasting change. While engaged in the process of life-coaching, we will not only be creating the goals you want to achieve but also we will be implementing a system of accountability. This is a joint effort and journey that we both take together. It is not my job to be telling you what it is you must or have to do. Goals are realistic, achievable and should be inspiring. You must be fully invested in wanting to manifest your goals. The goals should be your goals and owned by you. If you see your unable to reach them then we will together explore the resistance and figure out what is not working. The goal will then be changed or modified so you can get back on track. Mile markers are set to hold you accountable and on task.

  • Unbiased Input

    Often your friends and your family are a great support network. They also can on the other hand be very biased. Unbiased input is what you need so you can clearly see what you want verses having any outside pressure. It’s hard to take suggestions from those closest to us. We may become angry or resentful and find it is to overwhelming coming from those closest to us. We also may be getting positive feedback from those we are close to but don’t really believe it. When we hear it from an outsider it’s easier to often accept.

  • The Opportunity To Focus On You

    Life-coaching allows you the opportunity to really stay focused on you and your import dreams, goals and aspirations. With all of the day to day distractions we often place ourselves on the back burner. Life-coaching will allow you the opportunity to have the space to focus on you. Your thoughts, and your feelings about what is truly important are made the number one priority. Life-coaching is truly a life changing experience and enables you to personally carve out the space for all of your goals and the changes you want to make.

  • Personal Development

    Life-coaching is often very challenging and very hard work. It is at the same time very rewarding and can be fun. You are asked to take an honest look at yourself and to challenge old belief systems, irrational thoughts and behaviors that no longer work. Life-coaching enhances your personal development and can assist you in taking those targeted areas of your life and bring them to the next level.


Stop living with anxiety, fear and procrastination. Step into the present moment and embrace the path you were meant to walk on. Now is the time for effective and lasting change. Call now at 407-967-1327 and I can answer and questions you may have. Let’s get started to create the best version of you.