Life Coaching and Important Questions To Ask


Life Coaching and Important Questions To Ask

Hiring a life coach can be a great way to advance your career and enjoy a better work and life balance. An experienced life coach can provide a fresh perspective on the things you do every day, and he or she can help you see what you are doing right – and what you could be doing better. Sometimes simply having an independent observer take a look at what you do and how you do it can be extremely valuable, but it is important to hire the right life coaching professional. You want someone who is relatable, understanding, empathetic and understanding.

So before you decide on a life coach to enhance your career and help you meet your goals, be sure to ask your prospective coach these critical questions.

Life Coaching and Important Questions To Ask

  • What kind of life experience do you have? Do you have experience in my industry, and how does that experience relate to my career?
  • Are you a member of any professional coaching organizations? Do you pursue ongoing education in life coaching?
  • How did you get started as a life coach? Have you always had a natural talent for coaching individuals?
  • What is your background, training and level of education?
  • How long have you been working as a life coach? Do you own your own life coaching company, or do you work for someone else?
  • Do you offer a free consultation to prospective clients?
  • If you take me on as a client will I be able to contact you for ongoing coaching? Will those additional sessions take place over the telephone, via web conferencing or in person?
  • Can you provide concrete examples of how you helped others meet their career and personal goals?
  • Do you have references I can check? Can you give me the names and contact information of others you have helped?

The answers to these questions will help you find the best life coach for your situation. Everyone has different needs when it comes to life coaching, and it is important to find a highly qualified life coach with whom you will be comfortable.

You have a right to take the time you need and ask the questions that are most important to you. Finding the right life coach takes time. You want to make sure your a good fit for each other. Give us a call at High Expectations Counseling and coaching today. We are here to answer your questions. Call now at 407-967-1327.

How do abusive relationships thrive?

Abusive relationships thrive on an overt or covert assumption that what is done behind closed doors will remain there. There is certainly a place for privacy. However, extreme privacy can compound the shame of the abused. It may seem more and more difficult to “open the floodgates” and reveal the truth of what is happening when this privacy becomes a way of life. If someone can’t talk about what is going on in their relationship, it might be evidence that the relationship is in some way abusive.

Recognizing the signs of abuse allow us to spot when these behaviors crop up not only in our own relationships, but when they are damaging our family and friends as well. Further, it is the first step toward receiving necessary help.

Abusive Relationship Counseling Orlando

If you feel your in an abusive relationship then receiving abusive relationship counseling Orlando is the first step in healing. You will learn to set healthy boundaries and to identify the signs and how to end the toxic behaviors and patterns that keep repeating. At High Expectations Counseling we are equipped to support and guide you to live the full and healthy life you deserve.

Give us a call today at 407-967-1327. Let’s start the path to recovery. Your worth it.