Life-changing Benefits of Connecting With a Higher Power


Life-changing Benefits of Connecting With a Higher Power

While many people call their higher power God, others have different names for a being who guides people throughout life. First Americans may refer to him as Wakan Tanka, Gitche Manitou or the Great Spirit. In Hebrew, the name of God is YHWH while the name is El in traditional Jewish circles. If you are of the Islamic faith, then you may say Allah while Bahá’ is the name in the Baha I faith. Regardless of what you call God, there are many different advantages of connecting with a higher power.

Be Open-minded

One of the hardest things to do in life is to be open-minded. Most people react with anger when they feel someone is threatening their most important ideas. Resist this urge with all that you have in you. Being open-minded usually requires you to place yourself out of your comfort zone. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Paraphrase what you hear the other person saying so that you can develop a deeper understanding.


While you need to be willing to listen to others, meditation gives you a chance to turn your focus inward. Meditation offers you a place where you can forgive yourself for your mistakes and prepare to move forward. Meditation also gives you the ability to open your mind to your desires. When you meditate, then you will find yourself asking life’s most profound questions and searching for the truth within you. As we all know, a good listener is more valuable than a good talker. Meditation gives you the ability to listen to your inner spiritual being.

Help People

Helping people allows you to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. When you see the rewards of your hard work, then you will instantly feel more connected to your higher power. Every dominant religion stresses the need to help others to its believers.

Quran 5:2 says, “Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness.”

The Bible in Proverbs 19:17 says, “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.” Hindu scripture says in Brihadaranyaka 5.2.2, “Then the humans said to him, “Please tell us (something).” To them then he spoke the same syllable, “Da,” and said, “have you under-stood?” They said, “Yes, we understood, you spoke to us about ‘datta, to give.’” “Yes,” he said, “you have understood.”

The Khuddaka Nikaya, of Buddhism, says in Udana 8.5, “Merit grows for one who gives; No enmity builds up for one restrained; One skilled abandons evil deeds; With greed, hate and delusion exhausted, One attains release, final Nirvana.”

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