Let Go of Anger


Let Go of Anger

Let go of anger and free yourself. Holding onto anger is the same as drinking another’s poison. This is a famous phrase from Buddha. You can feel the poison course through your veins when your so angry your head could spin off. Every muscle is tense and your prepared for battle.

For many a deep rooted emotional issue that many struggle with is anger. This can be in the form of active or passive. You get angry and the limbic system of your brain lights up. A decision must be made to take flight or fight. Due to our firm beliefs about what is right and wrong, black and white thinking gets in the way and we live in a state of anger and resentment. This is most of the times because we do feel heard, seen or validated.

Let Go of Anger

5 Helpful Tips

1. Replace your negative thinking

As humans we are constantly pulling from past experiences to predict future events and dumping the toxic spew-age into the present moment.

  • Be mindful of your breath and bring yourself to the present moment. Have awareness that you are not identifying with the here and now but rather a story your mind is making up. You are not your thoughts.
  • Distract yourself. If bringing yourself to the present moment is to difficult, distract yourself with whatever works, (reading, workout, TV, listening to music, etc).

2. Write or journal

When your writing you are able to let go of negative feelings. Write a letter to the person your upset with. After that burn the letter as a way of letting it go. Release it to the universe and tell yourself that you have no control over what others do or think.

3. Get surrounded with people who are positive

Anger is a personal issue for everyone. Don’t hang out with friends and family that are just going to validate your anger and tell you that you have every right to be angry and bitter. Your not stuck. If your friends and family are usually complainers, frustrated and angry, then you will gravitate to their mood. Leave and choose healthy relationships with others.

4. Get Creative with visualization

Using this approach and technique is helpful to release self restricting and burdening thoughts and emotions. They are stemming from the past.

5. Work on forgiving

It does not matter if the forgiveness is for yourself or forgiving another. You must forgive in order to move forward and start to heal. To forgive yourself means you let go of shame and guilt. Forgiving another is to understand that what others say is not personal to you. It is a reflection of their thoughts and beliefs being dumped on you. Make the conscious decision to cut all negative attachments to those people who are not uplifting, encouraging and happy.

Let Go of Anger

Seek Help Today

Seek counseling today. Understand how anger is holding you back from achieving your dreams. Understanding my approach is important. I do not seek to teach coping skills or anger management. I get to the fear underneath the anger. Anger is merely a symptom of fear. Much like depression and anxiety. Contact us today and let’s start the journey of true self discovery.