Kid Counseling In Orlando


Kid Counseling In Orlando

When do I get my kids counseling in Orlando for issues related to mental health?

When a kid has emotional and/or behavioral issues, the sooner they get some help and treatment, the better the chances they are to quickly get on the right path. I know that for many parents they want to avoid the unnecessary counseling, therapy, treatment and cost in both regards to money and saving time.

If you are finding that your highly concerned about your kids mental status and health then step into action. Maybe your being told by family, close friends and/or your kids pediatrician to just wait. They say she or he will mature out of this stage. Sometimes this can be good advice. Often times it may not.

Kids Counseling In Orlando

When Is It Time to Step Into Action?

There are more obvious times when it’s clear that you need to step into action. It is no longer a very good idea that you wait and refuse to get the help your kid needs. The following are signs to get Kids Counseling In Orlando:

  • Eating disorders

    It’s researched and known that the longer a kid lives with an eating disorder, then the harder it is to make a full recovery. Getting treatment asap can save their life

  • Family Mental Health History

    If your aware mental illness is prevalent in the family, then there is an increased chance and possibility your kid will and could develop a similar disorder. If this is the case then it’s important to respond quickly.

  • Cutting

    If your suspecting your kid has been cutting or harming him or herself get help immediately. Even if they say it was only one time, then you must get help. It’s a very dangerous behavior. It’s often the kids way of coping with anxiety, emotional detachment, pain and/or a serious illness.

Kids Counseling In Orlando

When to Wait

As part of your kids adjustment to life and significant changes it can affect their level of functioning. Some of those changes are the following

  • Parents divorcing
  • Changing to different schools
  • A newborn sibling
  • Death of a loved one

These can have troubling effects on a kids behavior. This will most often in time fade. Criteria for many kids and adolescent psychiatric disorders requires that problem behaviors or feelings must be present for at least a period of weeks or few months. Sometimes you will need to watch closely and wait.

(Refer to the DSM Manual for further diagnostic criteria).

Depending on their age and the situation going on around your child will be a big determining factor as to how long you observe your child.

Kids Counseling In Orlando

Behavioral Issues

If you see that your kids behavior is creating and causing significant trouble in school or disrupting their family and social life, then it’s time to seek therapy for children. Anxiety, frustration, trauma, learning disabilities, ADD, and other factors can cause their behavior to become disruptive.

Once you’re able to start to understand what is behind your child’s maladaptive behavior, you will see there is a wide range of therapy tools at your aid. They are effective in helping your kid control their thoughts thus leading to improved behaviors. Ask teachers and other parents of your child’s friends that are close to your child. Get as many eyes on your child so you can get a better understanding.

For behavioral problems, consult with a licensed mental health professional that can assist in diagnosing and the implementation of treatment. You can also consult with a behavioral psychologist that specializes in working with children and teens. Also a child psychiatrist and/or social worker with the background and expertise in treating children.

Kids Counseling In Orlando

Emotional Problems

If your kid seems to be unusually depressed, anxious, sad or highly irritable for a very long time and you see it is impacting and interfering with his or her ability to function with their normal age appropriate skills they once were doing well with, then it’s a great idea to involve outside professional help. A child who is seriously anxious or depressed is suffering. They are missing out on their precious childhood. The sooner you get help the less they fall behind in life.

Don’t let them sit and suffer. Kids are not supposed to live in a state of stress and depression. This can shape and mold their personality if left untreated. A young kid that’s not able to sleep away from their parents may not be able to enjoy sleepovers or camp. A child that who is excessively very fearful could later be an adolescent whose social life is spent avoiding those things that make her anxious.

If you decide to wait to get help, keep an eye on the problem and be ready to act if it doesn’t improve. Monitoring your child’s behavior can help you collect valuable information. What you don’t want to do is ignore a problem. Don’t convince yourself that it’s nothing.

Kids Counseling In Orlando

Call today for help

At High Expectations Counseling we take the time to work with you and your family. We want all to be involved in the healing process. It’s about a system and all play a part. Family therapy, play therapy, individual therapy and couples counseling are all a part of the treatment used. Let’s work towards educating ourselves so that we can better respond to our kids that are in need of help. Call us today at 407-967-1327. Let’s start to heal.