Joy and Happiness


Joy and Happiness

Joy and happiness. We all long for it. We live in a fast pace, often times selfish, self seeking and unhappy mind set. Happiness and Joy is attainable but you must understand that what you feed your mind with is the very substance that creates the way you see this world. A victim or a victor. Does the past define you or refine you? listed below are 7 ways to bring happiness and joy into you life.

Joy and Happiness

How to Bring It Into Your life

1. Tell yourself a new story to allow Joy and Happiness flow.

What’s your current theme or story? If your always unhappy then who is the common denominator? You are. So time to change the story. Imagine when you wake up in the morning your standing in front of a blank canvas. You are the artist so paint with passion and intent.

2. Start changing your thinking to bring Joy and Happiness into Your Life. You are not your mind.

Are you always letting your mind control your emotional state? Are you being hypnotized by your own mind? The average person has over 60,000 mental thoughts on average each day. How many are full of anxiety, criticism, defensiveness, anger, fear or frustration?

Your day to day thinking is being driven from your unconscious mind. This is much greater than the small conscious mind. If you can take a step back from yourself and become the observer of your thoughts, you would start to see how unproductive they are.

Reach for better thoughts. Ones that are uplifting, motivating and then try to hold on to each of them. Instead of saying, “I hate my job because no one sees how special and hardworking I am”, change the thought to, “I know how special and hard working I am and do not need others validation to feel this way”.

The better you get at controlling your thoughts and what you feed your mine, then the greater your control over your emotional state.

Bring Joy and Happiness into your life today!

3. Start sifting and sorting through your belief systems to bring Joy and Happiness!

You are a powerful creator of your own reality. Few ever realize their true potential.

The difference between the awake person verses the asleep is their level of consciousness. The awake person is able to see the maze others are trapped in. They have figured out the key to honing in on what to manifest for their lives and make it come to life.

When you can truly believe this, then you will feel it straight through all the way to your core. Most believe that life has dealt them with a set of cards they must carry around their whole life. They see it as heavy, tough, and a struggle. Happiness and Joy is not in their deck.

Your belief system is made up of the conditioning of others, society, religion, schooling, etc. You are not those messages. Stop being hypnotized. Change your vision about yourself.

What negative beliefs are you holding on to? Start challenging these beliefs by sifting and sorting through the conditioning, you will build new, more positive and stronger secure beliefs.

4. Be happy now not later!

All the time we hear, “I’ll be happy when I can lose 10 pounds.” “I will finally be happy when I can relax and retire.” “I will be finally happy when I find a partner.” “I’ll be at peace and happy when I get that promotion I deserve.” Sound familiar?

You can be happy now. Happiness is a state of being. Achieve the ability to strive for thoughts making you feel joy, peace, love, acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. You will start to feel happy. Your life will start to change and great things will start arriving at your doorstep.

5. Be Grateful and stop complaining!

Be grateful now and stop the constant whining of lack, not enough, etc. you are what you feed your mind. If your the constant pessimist then you will always find fault. Stop focusing on what you perceive as not having and look at what you do have.

  • A job
  • A home and bed to sleep in
  • To have your health

Start to create the feeling of gratitude and you will start to see the change in your spirit. Get out of self and help others in need. Complaining and whining is such a selfish, self loathing and powerless position.

6. Change your mind by changing those around you if you want Joy and Happiness.

Chances are if your negative and unhappy, you surround yourself with others that feel the same way. Why would you be around those that are any other way? Like attracts like. Take a good look at who you surround yourself with. Are they angry, and unhappy. Are they the victim dealt with a similar set of cards?

Positive people, movers and shakers do not want to hang around those that are constantly viewing life as unpleasant, bad, hurtful, and victims of their surroundings. If you want to find these people it’s not hard. The slightest shift in your thinking will open a new set of eyes to see them. Ask them questions, how did they get to be so happy? What are they doing every day to prepare for a great happy day? They will share with you.

7. Take the leap to Faith!

Propel forward allowing new wonderful experiences and new positive energy to flow, you must release what is not working.

It takes confidence and a strong self-belief. This is the vital shift of changing those negative thoughts to positive ones. If you can practice regularly, this will create self-worth, self-reliance, and alliance.

Reflect now on what you have just read. Are you the optimist or the pessimist? Do you want to bring joy and happiness into your life?

Joy and Happiness

Get On the Right Path To Freedom

Counseling is a great place to start to see yourself objectively and to start the process of sifting and sorting. I believe that pain is the greatest motivator for change. When you’re tired of being sad, resentful, angry and unhappy you will be motivated to change. Start now and bring the joy, peace, happiness and love into your life.