Hypnotherapy Orlando

Hypnotherapy Orlando

Hypnotherapy Orlando and fighting anxiety.

Everyone feels anxious sometimes, but most people can overcome this temporary feeling and get on with life. It is only when fear becomes so overwhelming that a person can’t function that anxiety becomes a disorder.

There are two types of anxiety: acute and chronic. Acute anxiety is triggered by anticipation of a specific event. Chronic anxiety is a vague feeling of distress that is not pinned to any one thing. Since anxiety arises from the brain, specifically the amygdala region, hypnosis can be an effective tool in treating both acute and chronic anxiety.

Hypnotherapy Orlando

Hypnotherapy Orlando works through the power of suggestion. The hypnotist influences the mental state of the subject through imaging. Once the subject is able to concentrate on internal images well enough to exclude external distractions, he enters a trancelike state in which he or the hypnotist can suggest calming thoughts. Let’s take a look at both types of anxiety and see how hypnosis can help.

Acute anxiety

“The Nature of Hypnosis,” a report published by the British Psychological Society in 2001, verified that hypnosis is useful in lowering anxiety reported by patients about to undergo PET or MRI scanning.

Although acute anxiety passes once the “danger” is over, it can be debilitating if the person cannot force himself to board an airplane, or sit in a dentist’s chair, or submit to an MRI. If he feels a panic attack coming on every time he is faced with the same situation, then he has a phobia that is controlling his life.

A hypnotist may start by inducing a very relaxed, focused state and then asking the subject to try to remember what event initially triggered this phobia. This technique, called hypnotic regression, can unlock suppressed memories. Once the subject is consciously aware of what has caused the phobia, the hypnotist can guide him to imagine himself facing the triggering event without feeling anxious.

Chronic anxiety

As the hypnotist interviews his potential client, he often finds that the anxiety is a part of a larger psychiatric syndrome. The client may also be suffering from major depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, or an obsessive compulsive disorder. He may have turned to alcohol or drugs in an effort to relieve his constant stress.

Chronic anxiety can also lead to physical illness as heart and breathing rates increase and muscles grow tense. The patient may suffer from hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, or ulcers.

Hypnotherapy Orlando

Treating these multiple problems isn’t a simple matter. It involves ongoing therapy and cooperation with the clients other health-care providers. However, hypnotherapy Orlando has a very high success rate in these cases.

Hypnotherapy Orlando like any other medical procedure, has variable results. Much depends on the skill of the hypnotist and the ability of the subject to be hypnotized, but it can be very helpful in relieving either type of anxiety.

According to a report by the British Psychological society, hypnosis is effective in relieving anxiety related to anticipation of unpleasant medical procedures, but it is most often used to treat chronic anxiety. Chronic anxiety is a complicated disorder often a part of a larger psychiatric syndrome. Hypnotherapy Orlando can relieve generalized feelings of anxiety in patients who adopt the positive imaging techniques they learn in hypnotherapy sessions.

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