How Much Does A Therapy Session Cost In Orlando?

How Much Does A Therapy Session Cost In Orlando?


How much does a therapy session cost in Orlando? We are living in a world where everything is moving quickly and we barely have time for ourselves.  It is hard to know who we are without all of the outside distractions in life. That’s why therapy is one of the best solutions that can help us understand ourselves more on a deeper level. Helping to assist in raising your frequency and consciousness.

It can also eliminate various mental issues, such as depression and anxiety, anger, relationship issues, grief and much more. But the thought of going to therapy comes with the worry of burning a hole in your pocket.

Without sugarcoating anything, we would like to tell you that therapy can be an added expense that requires you to budget if your going through touch times right now. Especially in places like Orlando, where the demand for top-notch therapists is booming. But it does not mean that you cannot find a reliable therapist that offers a low price.

With good online research, you can come across a reliable and trusted therapist in Orlando.

We know you are wondering how much a therapy session costs in Orlando. Well, the answer could vary depending upon the therapist you visit. But here are some general estimations that will help you set your budget.

  • Cost depends upon the type of therapy.

There are different types of therapy, and each one of them comes with a different cost. Other than this, the cost also depends upon how long your therapy session last. Generally, therapists charge on an hourly basis. So, let’s dive into this post more and learn about the cost of therapy sessions in Orlando.

Individual therapy Cost: $130 per hour

we do provide session in increment of $30&

Individual therapy is one of the most common therapies that focuses on a specific individual. Those people who need personal professional attention should definitely try it. One can get all the problems resolved through individual therapy sessions. There are also sessions in increments of 45 min/75 min and 90 minutes.

Couples therapy- Cost $160 per hour

Couples can overcome challenges in their romantic lives through couples therapy sessions. Both partners are involved in this type of therapy. The therapist would dig into the thoughts of both parties and come up with the best solution.

increments of 75min/90 minutes are also available.

Family CounselingCost: $160 per hour

Every family has its own problems, and this type of counseling/therapy helps you get rid of all those problems. Members of the family who are affected deeply by the on-going family circumstances become a part of this therapy in which they are consulted by a professional who shows them the right direction to make peace in their household.

Private Practice ConsultingCost: $160 per hour

Private Practice Consulting is a very general type of consultation in which the therapist works with another clinician starting their own practice. This allows young therapist ready to start their own private practice the guidance and consulting they need.

At the end

There you have it! These are the costs of various therapy sessions in Orlando. The cost can be higher depending upon various factors. However, if you find these prices comfortable for your pocket, we have just the right name for you. High Expectations Orlando is one of the most well-known counseling and consulting centers in Orlando. They have exceptional therapists who never compromise on the quality of service and have helped many people overcome their life challenges. So, do not wait for more and get in touch with their therapists today.