How Mindfulness Relieves the Discomfort of Boredom


How Mindfulness Relieves the Discomfort of Boredom

Boredom is a state of mind. It happens when you don’t recognize what you want. There’s an urge to do something, to fulfill a need. However, try as you might, you can’t work out how to feel better. When you are bored, time stands still as though waiting for you to seize the moment. You focus on discomfort, and the more you concentrate, the worse your experience. You need to shift to a comfortable emotional status, the opposite of what you feel.

Mindfulness and Mental Comfort

Physical comfort is simple when you’re not in pain; grab a cushion and relax in a comfortable chair. Psychological discomfort, though, is harder to solve. Agitation occurs when you resist being in the moment. When you happily exist in the present, time flows, and you feel terrific. For greater acceptance of the here and now, switch your attention from unease to your breath.

Take slow, even breaths to calm tension. Doing so may feel difficult, silly even. However, persevere. Boredom indicates you are ill-at-ease. It doesn’t mean you should do something more exciting. Also, there’s nothing wrong with you. Just allow the present moment to happen without a fight.

Mindfulness and Movement

When you move your body by taking a walk, your emotions follow suit. You might be in a state of apathy, imagining there’s nothing you feel like doing. Nonetheless, don’t worry about not wanting to walk, perhaps it’s what you need. Changing your environment can alter your mood, providing fresh fodder for mindful contemplation. Concentrate on your surroundings, becoming absorbed in the experience and boredom will lift.

Mindfulness and Brain Chemicals

When you’re bored, you might feel the need to create the brain chemicals you love to boost joy. Happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins promote surges of well-being. Nonetheless, chasing them is a form of distraction from acceptance of the present. The idea is not to avoid happiness. It’s about getting comfortable with the moment for long-term benefits. Handle boredom once, and you can do so again.

When you are bored, don’t struggle to find something monumental to distract you from the present. Instead, accept the moment with mindfulness. Focus on your breath, and walk to change your environment and mood. As you can clearly see there are several benefits of practicing mindfulness. You deserve to give your mind a rest from the day to day grind. Our minds are constantly pulling from the past, projecting into the future and dumping into the present moment. Breathwork and mindfulness are the keys to overall balance and spiritual awareness.

Below are some helpful resources to assist you in exploring more about mindfulness.

  • Mindful – Audios for mindfulness meditation.
  • – A great app to use for calming mindfulness meditations.
  • Headspace – Great for meditating

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