How Do You Know Your Relationship Needs Marriage Counseling?

How Do You Know Your Relationship Needs Marriage Counseling?

How do you know your relationship needs marriage counseling? That’s a good question. Something that a lot of couples might need to ask themselves. What are the signs or the red flags? When do you think it may be a good time for a third party or someone on the outside to help you take a closer look at how you communicate as a partner? The truth is is that we all need guidance at times in our life, whether you’re in a relationship or not having someone outside of your blind spot, allows you to see those areas where we try to pull ourselves from ourselves and that’s just not possible, seeking counseling and therapy for your marriage is more about you as an individual, than you as a couple.

Couples counseling is not just for the couple. It is for the individual just as much. The following are signs that maybe it’s time to seek counseling for your marriage issues or problems.

Signs It is Time For Marriage Counseling

  1. You find that most times, you’re agitated and irritated with your partner. You seem to pick out the worst things about each other, hitting below the belt and just feeling frustrated and irritated. It always seems to be a game of tit for tat, or one upmanship. Communication has been broken and lost. There is the sense that you don’t feel heard and listened or validated and that your opinion doesn’t matter.


2. There does not seem to be open communication about roles, responsibilities, and how to move forward in the relationship. The intimacy has gone and                 you feel more like roommates living together. Just getting by and going through the motions you walk around pretending like everything’s fine. Brushing               issues under the rug. You keep everything inside for a while until you explode over something very little. This affects the entire family. Especially when                 children are around.

3, The same issues keep resurfacing over and over again. We think it’s about taking out the trash but really, it’s about not feeling heard. Not feeling                           appreciated. Trying to get to the root of the reason is crucial. Therapy is beneficial and helpful.

4. You each have different views about how to run the  household or finances. One may feel that their partner keeps them on a tight budget or doesn’t                       openly share with you. Couples therapy for finances is a great benefit. You learn how to work as a team and come together.

5, One of you or both feel like you don’t have independent lives. You feel that you have to be together all the time. You’ve lost friends and get jealous if one              wants to go out with their friends. It’s important to remember that you’re not two dominoes leaning up against each other. And if one falls the other falls                  also. That is a needs based relationship. A healthy relationship is when two people are aligned with themselves individually. having independence with                  interdependence is the goal to work towards.

Seek Marriage Counseling Today and Get On The Right Track

Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Your relationship deserves the very best. Step into your higher self. Be the adult that you know you can be. Stop hitting below the belt and be brave enough and bold enough to get therapy and get the assistance needed. Call us today at 407-967-1327 or book an appointment online with one of our therapists.