How Do I Know If My Therapist Is Good?

How Do I Know If My Therapist Is Good?


How do I know if my therapist is good? Therapy gives you the solution to almost all your life problems. No matter how complicated you think your life is getting, you can change everything in your life if you have the willingness to stay open and teachable. A therapist can be by your side.

A therapist can bring a drastic change in your personal as well as professional life by bringing a ray of hope and happiness to you. By providing out of the box ideas and techniques will enhance your process.

What if your therapist is not good enough? Well, you will be doing nothing but spending your money on therapy sessions that are not helpful. Therefore, it is important to know whether your therapist is good or not. But how? How are you going to figure out whether your therapist is reliable? Don’t you want to make sure there is connection?

The answer is surprisingly simple. You just have to take care of some signs and they will let you know the answer. In this post, we are going to list down some signs that will tell you if your therapist is good enough for you or not. So, let’s not wait any longer and dive right into it.

  • Your therapist should NOT be your friend.

Many people say that your therapist should be your friend. But we beg to differ on this one. If you are having the same kinds of conversations with your therapist as you have with your friends, then what are you paying for? If your therapist is all about their own philosophies that you have already heard from your friends, maybe it is time to switch. You want a therapist that can stay objective and hold you accountable. 

  • Therapists do not judge.

At least the good ones do not judge. For most people, therapy isn’t even about seeking advice, it is about sharing their feelings with someone who does not judge. Friends and family will judge at some point, but a professional and reliable therapist won’t. They will listen to you and talk to you rather than passing on comments about whether you did something right or wrong. They stay neutral so that you come to your own conclusions. 

  • A good therapist brings practical guidance.

People go to therapy sessions because they feel vulnerable, and a good therapist would know that. A reliable therapist would always try to see the world from your shoes. But this is not it. A good therapist will always make sure to give you practical guidance so that you can overcome whatever problem you are facing.  Seeing the system or cycles you are trapped in and providing meaningful ways to shift your awareness and increase your consciousness.

  • They are active listeners.

Who talks more when you go for your therapy sessions? You or the therapist? If your answer is the therapist, then you should search for someone better. Good therapists are active listeners. They will hear every single word you say and will have excellent communication skills. However they are not passive just re framing what you say. 

  • They don’t keep you in therapy longer than you need to be.

Therapy can last various lengths of time. If you have been in therapy for years then maybe your not working through your issues. Has therapy started to feel like coffee talk? Are you not doing any hard work to explore yourself on a deep level? Therapy is not about being with a therapist that just nods and agrees. It’s challenging and uncomfortable at times. You want to be looking at your conditioning and programming. Removing old negative thought patterns and creating new perspectives.

  • A therapist should be seeing her own therapist.

You want your therapist to be doing the same work on themselves as they are asking of you. Therapist have their own things to work on. We all need accountability. We can’t always see ourselves and how we could be addressing issues in a healthy way when we are to close to the topic.

  •  Where to find a good therapist

These are some signs that will tell you if your therapist is good or not. Always consider these factors and then continue your therapy sessions. We know you are scared of dealing with the wrong therapist, and that’s why we are here with an excellent recommendation for you. High Expectation Counseling has some of the best and the most trusted therapists and consultants in Orlando who have helped many people overcome their life challenges.