Therapy Orlando and Help For Narcissism

Therapy Orlando and Help For Narcissism

Therapy Orlando and help for narcissism. This seems to be a popular topic these days. Understanding what narcissistic personality disorder is will be helpful when trying to understand yourself or another. This is a person concerned only with listening to her or himself? This person changes the topics, gets very defensive or mad at you when you attempt to talk about some difficulties you’ve lately been experiencing?

At the core, narcissistic functioning is a listening disorder. It is listening that is one sided. A friendship or partner relationship is hard to sustain and quickly fades when your with someone who is not interested in what you have to say. They may be quick to anger when you make the attempt to express your viewpoints.

Therapy Orlando and Help For Narcissism

Common Signs of Narcissism

Interacting directly with a narcissist is draining. It’s important that you can identify this personality type especially if your considering dating one.

When you think about those you come in contact with on a day to day basis, friend or romantic partner, do any of the following traits seem to fit the bill?If your answer is yes then chances are you may be dealing with a person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.

  1. They’re are very likable at first. First impressions are easy for a narcissist. They can be charming, personable and full of charisma. They do great in job interviews. Over a period of time they become negative and their true colors emerge.
  2. Not all of those diagnosed with narcissism are loud and obnoxious. . Many are actually shy and very quiet. There are two types. The grandiose which brags and shows off and the shy or introvert.
  3. They are often found in roles of leadership. This does not mean they are necessarily good leaders but they like to be in positions of authority.
  4. They tend to make conversation about themselves. You may start talking about the fact that you just found out you have cancer and soon the conversation switched to the topic of their choosing.
  5. They’re guilty of loving to name-drop. It’s all done in the name of self promotion. They want to make themselves seem and feel better.
  6. Not all stories they tell are victories. Even when they talk about their losses it’s still done with a sense of entitlement and they love to play the victim. Narcissists will tell stories about themselves and repeat it over and over. They circle around personal heroism or a personal exploit. It’s never their fault and they are always the victim. They feel misunderstood and see people as not valuing them and their worth.
  7. They like nice things. A trademark of the narcissist is that they like to display a high status. This can often be achieved by obtaining material items. They will go around telling others how prestigious the item is.
  8. Appearance means everything. They are not more attractive than others but they do tend to focus on their appearance and place a lot of emphasis on looking attractive physically.
  9. They have tons of friends on social media and never have a bad photo on the social media platforms. They are able to maintain their status.
  10. They are strongly defensive when it comes to criticism. No one can say they like to be criticized but the narcissistic is hyper sensitive to receiving it.

Therapy Orlando and Help For Narcissism

Is there help for a Narcissist?

It has been my experience that unless a narcissist truly has the desire to change it will be a futile attempt. The underlying issues are what creates the personality of these people. They must be addressed.

Some of the topics discussed are the following:

  • Feeling emotionally abandoned.
  • Feeling defective inside.
  • Feelings a lock of control and/or security.
  • The fear of constant ridicule or shame.

These are just a few of the many things needing to be dealt with in therapy.

Role modeling and the use of psychoeducation can teach the person suffering from narcissism how to start to re-parenting themselves and understand the early childhood wounds they experienced.

They must be taught what compassion, empathy and kindness to others looks like. Also strategies that offer healthy self soothing. It is not an easy road but if one is committed to looking at themselves and doing the tough work they can be freed from this disorder.

Therapy Orlando and Help For Narcissism

If you or a loved one is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder there is help out there. Understand my approach and let’s get started today. Even if your the partner of the narcissist you’re not alone. Help is a phone call away. Call today at 407-967-1327. Let’s start the road to recovery.