Help For My Marriage


Help For My Marriage

Help for my marriage. Many see the years they are married as strained, distant, unfulfilling and are left wondering what they could have done differently. They blame each other and never take accountability. We never stop to do the real work of self discovery.

Below is a list of 12 things you can do for your relationship.

Help For My Marriage

  1. Seek help early.

    Don’t wait till it’s too late and you’re just defensive, critical, full of contempt and are stonewalling.

  2. Listen to each other.

    Stop always thinking about what your response will be. Listen and tell yourself that there is always something you can learn from each other.

  3. Know what your no negotiables are.

    Know those areas that you’re flexible and can meet in the middle. This is better if done before your married.

  4. Make repairing the relationship a priority.

    Don’t get caught telling each other you don’t have time. Even just 10 minutes a day will give you time to emotionally connect.

  5. Stop focusing on the negative.

    It’s important that you both stop throwing around the word divorce. It’s like quicksand. You just sink deeper and deeper into the negative.

  6. Stop thinking about yourself and think about the two of you as “WE”.

    This way there is not the blame game. Your not single anymore. Start thinking like a team player.

  7. Stop being so defensive.

    Put the weapons down. Seek to understand each other instead of having to be understood.

  8. Seek first what needs to be changed in you.

    Instead of blaming the other person, look at what you need to do to bring alignment to yourself.

  9. Stop being so defensive.

    Put the weapons down. Seek to understand each other instead of having to be understood.

  10. Be honest.

    Don’t lie or tell half truths. This honors no-one and is insulting. Speak your own personal truth.

  11. Have more goals for your own life than you do your partners.

    Who are you without placing expectations on your partner?

  12. Take ownership for your part.

    You both play a role in how each got to be in the mess. Take accountability and stop playing the victim role.

  13. Do the work individually.

    Seek therapy and counseling to resolve childhood and past relationship issues. It’s not about your current partner. It’s the story you’re telling yourself.

If you want to know how to get help for my marriage then just apply these above 12 points. They may seem practical but you would be amazed at how hard it is. You both may need individual and couples therapy to get back on track.

Help For My Marriage

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