Helicopter Parenting Orlando


Helicopter Parenting Orlando

Helicopter Parenting Orlando and who Is Living Who’s Childhood? An overview of Today’s Overly Protective Parent.

Do you find that you have an unhealthy dependency on your child? As a therapist and a mother I am reminded each day that many parents are running with the mind constantly in a state of fear. Fear that our children will be harmed, bullied, treated unfairly and spoken to harshly. Are you sure that your not just afraid because that is your perception from your childhood?

Many of our parents today are operating in a sleep state level of little to no awareness. They may have the best intentions when it comes to raising their kids but they are constantly reliving what they perceived was a “tough childhood”.

If you find that your constantly doing the following then you may want to seek therapy to realign and assess your approach with your child.

Who Is Living Who’s Childhood?

Helicopter Parenting Orlando

Questions To Ponder

  1. Are you unable to follow through with discipline? Do you cave if you take an item away from your child? You start to feel a sense of guilt.
  2. Do you fear that your child may not like a decision you have made and feel the need to run it by them so they are in 100% agreement?
  3. Is it hard to leave your child and detach? Do you find that you always want to be around supervising and keeping your eye on your child?
  4. Are you quick to solve your kids problems? Arguments or disagreements with peers, school work that may be challenging, day to day life skills, etc. The things that are important for a kid to struggle with in order to achieve the know how.

There have been over the years several new terms that have come out and are used to describe this parenting type and the slight variations it takes.
The following two are the most popular today.

The Helicopter Parent

Refers to an assault military weapon. The parent is aggressive in all attempts to make every experience favorable for the child.

The Lawnmower Parents

This parent makes sure they clear the path for their child making sure it is smooth without any obstacles.

Helicopter Parenting Orlando

The Devastating Results

Helicopter Parenting Orlando

Children that are too protected and sheltered from everyday life face many challenges.
The following is a list of a few disadvantages these kids face.

  • Emotionally coming unglued at the smallest challenges life throws their way.
  • Any disappointment and the child runs straight back to his or her parents for resolve.
  • Inability to take accountability for their actions.
  • Have the belief that everything is everyone else’s fault.

Helicopter Parenting Orlando

Tips For Helping in Reducing Further Dependency

  1. Allow the child to make their own choices and deal with their own consequences.
  2. Let them recover when a mistake is made on their own.
  3. Do not step in and catch them when a mistake is made.
  4. Be a good listener as a parent and not a fixer. Watch out for your codependency.
  5. Learn to empower yourself so that you directly empower your child to discover their true self.

Seek Help today if you relate to this article. This is not about shaming or blaming parents. This is about bringing awareness and understanding to a style that has started to saturate our culture. Let’s come together and help turn this ship around. Give your child back the ability to do themselves.