Group Therapy Orlando


Group Therapy Orlando

Group Therapy Orlando can be very powerful for many individuals. There are several different types of group therapy formats. Everywhere you turn there is a group in your local community that is specific to the individual needs of that person.

Some focus on processing day to day events, grief, men’s and women’s issues, parenting, teen and life skills. The topics can be endless. There are also groups that are strictly psychoeducational and the therapist leads members on a specific topic. They all aim to help assist and improve the lives of the individual.

Groups will typically have anywhere from 5 to 12 members meeting weekly for 120 or 90 minutes. Some may last only 8-10 sessions while others continue indefinitely.

Group Therapy Orlando

Why Is It So Helpful?

1. Group therapy allows a person to realize that they are not alone

Many individuals enter group counseling Orlando with the idea that they are unique and will not be able to relate. Terminal uniqueness is what I call this. It is a natural response when anyone seeks to come together in the group setting. We are not a lone islands in our struggles and trials of life. People are conditioned to think they are generally inadequate, and incompetent. In the group setting you will see that everyone has the same or similar feelings.

2. Group therapy allows for the giving and the receiving of support.

Many are reluctant to attend and think that one or two members will take up the group time with the therapist. This is far from true. All members are encouraged to take time to check in and discuss trials, ups and down in the week, progress and areas that need to be discussed relevant to a situation they are going through.

Group Therapy Orlando

3. Group therapy allows the individual to find their “voice”

Finding your voice means having the ability to express oneself. To speak up and take the needed time to allow yourself to discuss the things that you are going through. Other group members are asked to see if they relate to what the other is saying and to share their own story in relation. It is challenging to connect to others and group therapy is one of the bravest ways in which you can practice real intimacy and authenticity.

4. Group therapy Orlando helps self and others to relate to each other.

Often people cannot understand why the relationships they are in are not working. The dynamics of group are a great way to bounce your story off of others and relate. You see that your not alone. The group provides a safe place for you to let down your guard. To get honest and authentic feedback from those that care deeply how your feeling. The members are a mirror reflection in the present moment.

5. Group therapy will provide you with a safety net.

Group members struggle as most individuals do when it comes to being authentic. It is hard to often times speak up for yourself. When in group you get to practice in a safe environment. You build your confidence and ability to not take things so personal. You will find that each week once you leave group your able to carry the support and lessons learned into the rest of the week.

Group Therapy Orlando

Group therapy is not for everyone. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength to allow yourself to be open and honest. You at first may struggle with the concept of opening up to others you do not know well. You soon find that the group can be a place of solitude and safety in this crazy and chaotic world. A place to rest and regroup.

Give group therapy Orlando a try and see if your ready to expand and grow. Call today to set up an initial screening to see which group is right for you.