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We all will face grief in our lifetime. Some maybe more than others. Grief is not only associated with the death of someone close. It can relate to many things. It is a very common and natural response to the loss of something. Some examples are: loss of a job, moving away, breakup, divorce, separation from a child, death of a loved one, passing of a pet and many more. Grief counseling Orlando can be very beneficial in assisting you to heal and move past your grief.

We often feel we have to “go it alone”. We are taught to be tough and to pull ourselves up or snap out of it. This is far from true and can only lead to more feelings of isolation, depression and despair.


Orlando Grief Counseling

Why is it valuable to seek therapy for your grief?

Discussing personal matters around grief counseling Orlando with a trained counselor can provide surprising insights that help relieve concerns and improve your sense of well-being. Talking things over with a friend who means well may be helpful too, but knowing what to say is not always easy.

A professional counselor knows how to listen intently and to understand feelings that no one puts into words. Our therapists help clients focus on particular issues and find steps to resolve it. We understand the stages of grief and how there is no timeframe in which grief should end. It is personal to each. There isn’t a “normal” time frame to grieve. Many factors depend on the time in which it will take.

  • Age
  • Your surrounding support system
  • Type of loss
  • Personal Belief Systems
  • Your Personality

Seeking Grief Counseling Orlando helps you to go through the various stages of grief and allows you to process each in a safe and supportive environment.

Grief life Counseling

Grief Counseling Orlando

What are the stages of grief? Why is it important to know that there are stages you will go through in the grieving process? Understanding this will help you to feel that you’re not alone and that it is very common to feel the feelings you’re currently experiencing. It’s important to note that at any time you can go in and out of these stages. They do not always happen in a row. Following are the stages of grief:-

  1. Denial- At first when the loss occurs you may be in disbelief. You may think, “there’s no way this can be happening to me.” It’s a defense mechanism. You may experience numbness or shock at this stage.
  2. Anger- After denial you may move into anger. You may take the loss as personal and feel it was done unfairly to you. Your anger can also be misdirected and misplaced onto others close to you. You feel left behind and alone.
  3. Bargaining- You think during this stage that you should or could have done something to prevent the loss from happening. You may even wish it was you that could have left rather than a loved one.
  4. Depression- At this stage sadness and depression may kick in. Signs may be overwhelming sadness, uncontrollable crying, loss of appetite, inability to sleep or sleeping too much. Overall you find it hard to live out your normal daily activities.
  5. Acceptance- Here at acceptance you’re starting to realize that the loss is permanent and that you must move forward with your life. Nothing can be done to change what happened. You may still feel very sad but you also realize that you can’t stay depressed forever. You may have children or a spouse or a job that requires your attention.

Grief and Loss Therapy

A loss is part of the circle of life, but getting through it is often impossible without the support of a trained therapist. Isolation at the time when bereaved parents need help the most can have a lasting effect on relationships with partners, other children, family, and friends.

Talking to someone who can understand the depth of loss is essential for getting through one of the most difficult challenges that life offers. Families that experience loss of life in any form, including miscarriage, stillbirth and missing children deserve grief counseling as well.

Feelings of anger occur when a family member or friend passes away, and age doesn’t matter where grief is a central focus. Our therapists have extensive experience in helping clients work through the grief process. You will learn how to better understand yourself and your relationship to loss and death.

A licensed therapist understands loss, and the therapy sessions provide the relief that anyone who is grieving deserves. You will be able to find the support and ongoing awareness needed to move through the stages. It is important to seek help especially if you find yourself stuck at one of the stages of grief.

Our professional therapists provide clients a safe environment that encourages reflection and self-examination to resolve issues that create mental discomfort. Facing the challenges of loneliness and lack of direction can limit the enjoyment of life, and our professionals offer supportive guidance through such difficulties.

Experiencing panic attacks and social or chronic anxiety often has a debilitating effect on one’s mental health and overall wellness. A skilled therapist can help clients alleviate the stress.

Grief Counseling Orlando

How to take those first steps:

If you’re struggling to find the right type of help then we can assist you. By calling us you will be able to talk to one of our therapists that specialize in grief counseling Orlando. They can give you a free 20 minute consultation over the phone to see if you’re a good fit for therapy. This also allows you the chance to see if you like what you hear. Ask the questions you need to ask to feel like you have the right fit.


Signs you may need some support: 

  • You’re finding it hard to keep up your normal daily activities. Getting going becomes a chore.
  • You feel constantly depressed.  Low energy and are tired all the time.
  • Unable to stop blaming yourself.
  • Life feels pointless and that you don’t have a reason to go on.

These are just a few reasons why seeking Grief counseling Orlando is a good idea. You don’t have to have any reason but just a desire to improve your quality of life. Give yourself the chance to heal. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Call us today and lets start the journey of self discovery 407-967-1327.