4 Health Benefits of Meditation


4 Health Benefits of Meditation

Gone are the days when meditation in Orlando was referred to as a false practice with no basis in science. As scientific advances and studies have been made, more evidence have been discovered to prove that practitioners of meditation in Orlando and yoga on different parts of the world have had more health benefits over the years than others. In fact, there have been anti-disease genes found in these meditation practitioners that are not common in other people that do not meditate. This has been proven using control groups studied over a period of time.

Here are some of the health benefits that have been scientifically proven to be attributable to regular meditation techniques.

1. Increased immune system

Relaxation helps to boost the immune system when some cancer patients where studied by the Ohio State University. The study showed that daily yoga sessions and meditation among recovering cancer patients over time led to an increase in the natural white blood cell count in older women and also a reduced recurrence of breast cancer in female subjects.

2. Emotional stability

One of the benefits of meditation is that there comes about a state of relaxation that helps to soothe bruised spirits. This is because effective yoga and meditation cannot be done with a mind full of bad vibes and unhealthy emotional conditions. By releasing one’s mind of all negative emotions, you become less prone to emotional outbursts and tantrums and instead begin to have a better appreciation of life as well more balanced responses in times of stress.

3. Lower blood pressure

A recent study carried out by the Medical School in Harvard University discovered a remarkable reduction in a group of subjects who meditated regularly. In fact, the effect of the regular meditation was similar to the functions of hormones and medication that are used to control blood pressure in patients. It found that meditation helped the people to maintain their blood pressure at a lower level better than when drug-assisted.

4. Increased fertility

The University of Western Australia studied a group of women with a particular look at their fertility and conception during times when they were regularly meditating to relieve stress. The study found out that when women were relaxed and kept calm over a period of time through meditation, they were about to ovulate more regularly and were more fertile than a control group that was observed within that same period. Another Turkish university studied to reaction of men’s sperm count and motility to regular relaxation and meditation. The study showed a remarkable increase in sperm count and vitality in men who were relaxed over those that were subjected to stress during the same period.

Taking time out to relax is not always easy but is very important. You even do not need a lot of time to effectively meditate as there are simple tactics such as guided imagery, breath focus and mantra repetition that can help you relax and meditate within a short period of time like a lunch break. Do this today for a few minutes and enjoy these amazing health benefits of meditation. You can also sign up for meditation classes in Orlando today for a more balanced mental and health state. Call us today or send an email below for a free consultation.